ZHIYUN launches SMOOTH-Q3 and WEEBILL2 Gimbal in India

ZHIYUN launches SMOOTH-Q3 and WEEBILL2 Gimbal in India

ZHIYUN has introduced two Gimbals - Smooth Q3 and Weebill2 in India with 15 hours and 9 hours of battery operation.

Smooth Q3 is a three-axis small Gimbal with a single movable fill light and 17 intelligent templates. The gimbal provides an integrated warm-tone fill light of 4.300 K with three luminosity adjustments levels. For 180° front and rear illumination, there is a touch-button control. The brand tries to overcome the problems of low light installations.

Furthermore, Smooth Q3 users can now capture and produce stories more effectively with the dedicated ZY Cami app. In addition, new capabilities exist, including an advanced SMART template and editor.

Other new features include gesticulation, Smart Follow 3.0 Object Tracking, Dolly quick zoom, and Magic Clone Panorama which may be activated by a single push activator button to detect and smartly track the object.

Smooth Q2 is easier to fold and lighter than the gimbal. It is able to handle the 280g payload on a smartphone while weighing only 340g. Smooth Q3 is supported by all major Android and Apple Phones.

WEEBILL2 launched the second gimble: The DSLR gimbal WEEBILL was reinvented. The WEEBILL2 is the first full colour HD touchscreen to hold 2.88 cm to offer complete camera controls.

Users can use the Weebill2 touch screen to access smart features like Smart Follow, Timelapse and Gesture Control without using the ZY PLAY application.

Weebi 2 is developed for mirrorless, DSLR and lens mixtures. The latter include Sony's A7S3 24-70 F2.8, FujifilmX-H1+ 16- 55 F2.8 and Lumix S5 + 24-105 F4, Canon R6+ 15-35 F2.8.

When new products are launched Mayank Chachra, ZHIYUN India Representative, said: "In the Indian market, we've received a strong response. We have seen 60% month-by-month growth thus far. We have 11 products on the market from the brand, and we hope to take up to 15 products by the conclusion of the fiscal period. With the new introductions, we have always been confident in giving comfort to our users together with aesthetics."

The price for Smooth Q3 is Rs 9000, while the Combo for the Smooth Q3 is Rs 10,500. The price of Weebill2 at Rs 49,000 is higher. RS 59,000 is paid for Weebill2, whereas RS 75,000 costs for Weebill 2 Pro.