Veg Sutra reigns with natural meals that are tasty & affordable

Veg Sutra reigns with natural meals that are tasty & affordable

Veg Sutra redefines vegetarian cuisine, enticing the public with tantalising dishes at cheap pricing. Its extensive selection of Chinese cuisine, Mughlai dishes, and various Indian beginnings provides a pleasurable dining experience that is enjoyed by all food aficionados.

Santosh Papade founded the brand in October 2011 and currently operates six live kitchens in Mumbai's Andheri, Goregaon, Kurla, Lower Parel, Vashi, and Thane neighbourhoods.

It is unique in that it is the only live kitchen. Unlike other cloud kitchens that are not accessible to customers, the firm is fairly candid about its procedures. The brand adheres to strict cleanliness standards. The kitchens are encased in translucent glass doors, allowing any customer who walks by to peer inside and witness the action.

“We have a standardised process that is followed in our central kitchen and reproduced elsewhere,” Papade explained. Additionally, we organise all recipes on a chart in each kitchen. This concept simplifies the process of maintaining uniformity across all kitchens. Not to mention that franchisees can duplicate the model and profit.”

This vegetarian-only brand takes environmental stewardship to the next level. The deliverables are conveniently packaged in paper bags. As a result, they generate no plastic trash at all! “We want to ensure that every Indian home has access to high-quality, hygienic, and delectable food. Having said that, our cuisine is free of added preservatives and artificial colours. Our meals are affordable, and everyone may enjoy them without spending a fortune,” Papade remarked.