Urban Platter launches meatless range on World Vegan Day

Urban Platter launches meatless range on World Vegan Day

Consumers can find everything they need for any and every culinary need at Urban Platter, a one-stop shop for all gourmet and culinary requirements across every cuisine and category. They can also enjoy a pleasant shopping experience on their website. What began as an e-commerce venture six years ago is now one of India's largest retail chains, with more than 700 retail locations.

On World Vegan Day, they've decided to enter a new market with their Meatless plant-based range, starting with the Meatless Burger patties. This is an Indian-designed and -made product line that demonstrates a thorough understanding of customer needs and a keen eye for new ideas. If you're looking for a burger that's high in protein, low in fat, high in fibre, and free of preservatives, this one is for you. Moreover, the taste is so close to that of real meat that even the most ardent meat-eater would be astonished.

Urban Platter's new meatless burgers are a huge moment for us!" To further demonstrate our commitment to empowering our customers to make an effortless transition to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, we launched this product on World Vegan Day. "We're just getting started in India, but the plant-based vegan market there is hungry for variety, especially in protein alternatives," says Chirag Kenia, founder of Urban Platter.

In fact, Urban Platter plans to launch many more in the meatless and vegan space, as well as a variety of dairy substitutes in the future.

In the Meatless ecosystem, we have a variety of sausages, burgers, snacks and a variety of exciting options in our pipeline. We're also working on a line of Vegan Mayonnaises and Vegan Butter, which should be available soon. In a country as diverse as India, there can't be enough products, especially in such an innovative space, to satisfy the needs of consumers. In the dairy and protein alternative space, "we'll continue to delight and deliver our customers with a wide variety of products," said Kenia.

Because of their user-friendly website and wide variety of products, Urban Platter has become the go-to for many homes in and around India during the pandemic. The Urban Platter website is a one-stop shop for all of a person's grocery and culinary needs, and they can have it delivered to their door in record time. As a result of this, the vegan movement was born in India, which has seen a major shift in consumer attitudes toward healthier foods.

For us, the pandemic has reaffirmed our belief in our core values of high quality, plant-based ingredients, and the D2C space has been a positive experience for our business." We'll be making our first foray into brick-and-mortar stores soon, and it's a significant moment for the company. On the other hand, "the consumer response and retailer's faith in our products, visions, and brands" has been "extremely humbling," said Kenia.

Urban Platter, which has a workforce of 175+ and operates in four Indian cities, has recently raised a Series A round of capital from a vision-aligned strategic investor and is well-capitalized to maintain its growth momentum and dominate the packaged food and beverage industry. With an aggressive omnichannel marketing push, we hope to make Urban Platter's brand and product line even more accessible to consumers in the coming months by expanding our physical retail presence. We are eager to see how they continue to revolutionise the culinary and gourmet food industry with their new ideas. "Nothing brings people together like Simply Good Food!" is their tagline.