TVS Motor launches TVS ‘Built To Order’ platform

TVS Motor  launches TVS ‘Built To Order’ platform

TVS Motor Company, a renowned two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer in the globe, today announced the launch of its TVS ‘Built To Order' (BTO) platform, marking the company's first push into factory customisation and personalising. Customers will be able to customise and personalise their vehicles when purchasing them through the TVS BTO platform, which will be constructed directly at the plant according to their specifications (s). This demonstrates the company's commitment to bringing first-in-class technologies and industry-leading features to the market.

The TVS Apache RR 310, the company's flagship motorbike, will be the first to use the company's new "Built To Order" platform. Pre-set kits, graphic options, rim colour options, and personalised race numbers are all available to customers. The Dynamic and Race kits, respectively, offer a variety of features that enhance performance and style based on the usage and desires of consumers. This platform will be rolled in throughout the TVS Motor Company's other product lines.

“We are thrilled to announce the debut of the new business vertical, the TVS ‘Built To Order' (BTO), our first factory Customise-Personalize platform,” stated Mr. Meghashyam Dighole, Head - (Marketing) Premium Motorcycles, TVS Motor Company. Each consumer has his or her own riding style and mannerisms. This platform allows our customers to personalise and customise their equipment to meet their specific needs.

Vehicles will be customised and produced directly at the factory, starting with the super-premium TVS Apache RR 310 BTO. TVS Motor is also releasing a special ‘Race Replica' design inspired by the TVS Racing OMC race machines for aficionados to honour four decades of racing pedigree.”

Customers will be able to choose from two pre-defined kits, namely Dynamic kit and Race kit, to meet their specific needs. The Dynamic package comes with fully adjustable front and rear suspension with multi-level preload, rebound, and compression damping adjustments. Customers can modify the suspension according to their riding style or the road conditions.

The Race package, on the other hand, contains race ergonomics that cater to race fans who enjoy burning rubber on the circuits. This kit includes a more aggressive and tucked-in handlebar, a raised rear footrest, and knurled footpegs, allowing for a higher lean angle in the corners and improved straight-line stability. This package also includes an anti-rust brass coated drive chain to complement the motorcycle's appearance.

Customers can make an order on the TVS ‘Built To Order' platform by using the TVS ARIVE app or visiting the web configurator to customise their motorcycle. For the Titanium Black colour, customers can choose between performance kits, colour variations, and black or red alloy wheels. They can also customise their race bike with a unique race number, which appears as a graphic on the visor. A distinctive ‘Race Replica' graphic inspired by the TVS Racing OMC race motorcycles is also available from TVS Motor Company.

When the customization is finished, the motorcycle's total ex-showroom price will be updated at the same time. Customers can choose the nearest premium dealership for delivery of their motorcycle after paying the booking fee online. Customers can also use the TVS ARIVE app or the web configurator to track their orders at various stages. For iOS, the app is available on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

The company is also adding new features to its existing fleet of TVS Apache RR 310 motorcycles. The motorcycle will have a racier exhaust note, as well as a better lean angle and the wave bite key. The motorcycle's linked cluster has also been updated with a number of new features, including Digidocs, which allows riders to save crucial papers like as licences and RC cards on the cluster using the TVS Connect app. A dynamic engine rev limit indicator, day trip metre, and over speed alert will also be included in the cluster.

Customers who already own a TVS Apache RR 310 can get some of these features as extras, such as the race handlebar, race footrest, and race footpeg, as well as new cluster features as software updates that can be applied to existing motorcycles.