Truecaller announced a milestone of 500 customers for it's Truecaller for business offerings

Truecaller announced a milestone of 500 customers for it's Truecaller for business offerings

Truecaller has celebrated a 500-customer milestone for its Truecaller for Business offering. This result was reached within a few months of the team's earnest efforts to assist brands in connecting with their customers more effectively. Operations from over 25 countries, including India, have implemented the solution to increase the value of their existing businesses.

The product enables businesses to authenticate their identity on Truecaller, hence enhancing consumer safety by reducing fraud and scam calls. This category encompasses a diverse range of organisations, including large publicly traded corporations, digital natives, startups, e-commerce, education, healthcare, banking and financial services (BFSI), and others.

With frauds and scams involving faked identities on the rise throughout the world, there was an urgent need to increase communication trust. This is precisely why Verified Caller ID was launched earlier this year. Today, Truecaller is pleased to announce the addition of another intriguing feature to the Verified Business Caller ID solution: call reason. Truecaller Verified Business customers can use Call Reason to inform their end customers why they are calling. It adds context to business conversations and boosts client confidence by providing the cause for the contact prior to the call being answered.

Truecaller for Business highlights include the following:

Truecaller enables organisations to increase the trust and efficiency of their user communications.

The green Caller ID, the green verified badge, the accurate name and logo, and the new purple caller id are all used to identify priority calls. Furthermore, corporations can now activate Call Reasoning.

This capability will be enabled by default for the app's close to 280 million global users - on both Android and iOS devices.

Apart from India, Truecaller for Business serves businesses in a number of strategic markets, including the Middle East and Africa, the Americas, and Southeast Asia.

Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM, Truecaller for Business, commented on the success, saying, "Our 500+ verified business solutions clients in key markets around the world are on a journey with us to make business communication more trusted, safer, and efficient." It is being used by marquee brands/enterprises across traditional and digital-first industries to protect their brand reputation and streamline their day-to-day business contact with customers. Our newest solution, Call Reason, adds significant value to otherwise context-free calls, which have become a growing issue for consumers and businesses alike. Call Reason enables businesses to communicate with their customers precisely why they are calling and to build client confidence prior to the call being answered."

According to an official representative for Swiggy, one of our early clients:

“Truecaller verified business caller ID enables us to communicate with our customers effectively and also optimises our delivery attempts. This has aided us in meeting our deadlines. We are also early adopters of this solution's Call Reason top-up function, which has aided in providing additional context to our delivery calls and increasing customer confidence by communicating even before our call is picked up."

According to an official spokesman for Urban Company, one of our early clients:

"Urban Company has served over 5 million consumers in the last year due to the increased demand for home services during the pandemic. We reduced this barrier and provided a smooth communication channel between our clients and specialists by implementing Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID."