TechademyOnline offers top trending tech courses for free

TechademyOnline offers top trending tech courses for free

TechademyOnline made headlines recently for providing enterprise-grade learning experiences for people who wish to learn technology. TechademyOnline is presently offering several of its top tech courses for free to early users in order to make tech learning more accessible and bridge the gap in employability.

TechademyOnline offers the most popular and in-demand tech courses on the platform, providing learners with hands-on experience, increasing their employability and propelling them forward in their careers. TechademyOnline, an extension of IIHT, has over three decades of experience in tech skilling for organisations. This knowledge is the most distinguishing feature of its programmes, since each course is tailored to today's and tomorrow's tech career roles.

Other important aspects that distinguish TechademyOnline from most other platforms that provide online courses include its own focused expertise in technology, hands-on laboratories for practise, and the platform's rich learning experience. TechademyOnline truly evolves as the enabler of tech learning for everyone by addressing the most difficult barrier of learning in a wholly online environment, which is access to infrastructure for hands-on learning.

In addition to free courses in the latest tech genres such as Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, AI/ML, and Web Development, TechademyOnline also has a comprehensive tech catalogue – Techfinity – that gives learners access to all of the trending courses in IT to help them build a successful career in technology. Choosing an online course is usually a career decision for most people; which course to take, what platform to enrol in, and whether the course genuinely helps them develop a skill are some of the concerns that most students have. TechademyOnline's Techfinity is a one-stop catalogue that caters to both beginners and pros, resolving this issue once and for all.

"From an industrial standpoint, while there is a high demand for IT jobs, there is a true scarcity for persons who meet the work requirements of today's IT sector." This gap is primarily due to their lack of hands-on experience with the abilities required for the job tasks. Despite the emergence of various online learning platforms, gaps remain, which is why we want to strike the nail on the head by addressing the actual application of skills taught. Our goal is to match learners to industry requirements, and each course is designed to do just that. "With the free courses, we want everyone to be able to access top courses and begin their journey towards their ideal career," said Keshava Raju, emphasising the benefits of learning on TechademyOnline.