Tata Steel reduces the production cost and improves quality using ABB technology

Tata Steel reduces the production cost and improves quality using ABB technology

ABB, a multinational technology business, will supply electromagnetic brake systems (EMBR) for two compact strip production (CSP) casters at Tata Steel's flagship plant in Jamshedpur, India, under a deal with engineering and construction firm SMS Group.

Jamshedpur, located in the eastern state of Jharkhand, is India's first planned industrial city. It was founded in the early 1900s by Jamsetji Tata and his son Dorabji Tata.

Additionally, ABB offers DCS800 direct current drives, dry type transformers, water cooling systems, commissioning services, and metallurgical performance evaluation. ABB is contracted through SMS, a company that specialises in steel and nonferrous metals plant building and mechanical engineering.

The transaction adds to ABB's extensive installed base with leading steel manufacturers worldwide. ABB EMBR is implemented on 40% of thin slab casting strands globally, enabling improved quality and efficiency. This well-established technology, developed by ABB in 1985, enables steelmakers to achieve steel cleanliness comparable to that achieved by conventional vertical bending casters, while increasing casting speed and mould copper plate life. By generating a static magnetic field that reduces the speed and turbulence of meniscus metal flow, the ABB EMBR enables a variety of metallurgical improvements, including the elimination of mould powder entrapments, a more even molten mould powder layer, and a flatter, hotter, and less turbulent meniscus.

"The Tata Steel project in Jamshedpur is a significant order for ABB," said Raghu Badrinathan, ABB Metallurgy's Area Sales Manager. "It expands on our extensive installed base with leading steel producers worldwide."

"Tata Steel is a critical customer for ABB, and we are committed to providing them with the best-in-class technology and solutions," said Vipul Gautam, Group Vice President, Global Account Executive for Tata Group, ABB. "We believe that our metallurgical solutions, notably the ABB EMBR solution, will enable them to obtain excellent performance from their casters in the shortest possible period, while simultaneously cutting their production costs and enhancing quality."