Tata Motors launches Safari Gold Edition

Tata Motors launches Safari Gold Edition

Tata Motors recently launched a unique SUV flagship edition. The Safari Gold Edition is offered in two different colours. White gold and Black gold are going to be there. Both will be subject to cosmetic adjustments only. They remain the same mechanically as the ordinary Safari. The Safari Gold Editions are priced on the ex-showroom of Rs. 21,89 lakhs.

The white gold edition is finished with a black ceiling and a coffee bean colour with Frost White. The gold highlights of both paint schemes are on the outside.

The Gold Editions cabin is being cosmetically upgraded. The same 18-inch Charcoal Black alloy wheels will continue to be offered.

The Oyster White Diamond Quilted leather seats are available in both versions. Black Gold finishes on the dashboard with dark marble, whereas white gold finishes Mont Blanc Marble on the dashboard. Depending on the colour you choose, the door pads also have white or black inserts.

Golden accents are also available all throughout the cabin. Tata Motors includes additional characteristics such as front and second row ventilated seats. In addition, a wireless charger, Android Auto Wireless, and CarPlay and an air cleaner are now available.

Tata Motors, Head of the Marketing, Passenger and Electric Vehicles Business Unit, comments on the introduction of Safari #Gold: "In less than five months from the launch of our premium SU Vehicle flagship, the new Safari has reached the milestone of its 10,000th roll-out and is now one of the most popular UVs in the segment. We are pleased to announce the debut of the renowned Safari #Gold Edition from Tata Motors, and the Safari has received great love from our consumers. Safari #Gold is a vision of luxury and opulence in keeping with its DNA and in line with our New Forever philosophy. This particular edition is packed with top of the line features by providing a rich mixture of exquisite design components applied to both external and internal environments. This new platform is better than the IPL itself. The car will be shown throughout the second season in the stadiums. This product is pleased to be presented in Dubai and we are convinced that during this Christmas season it will be very important for buyers."

Tata Motors will also provide the Safarian Adventure Person Edition for the Air Cleaning, Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as a wireless charger. All the versions, including the Gold Editions, remain mechanically the same. Thus, a 2.0-liter Kyrotec diesel engine is exclusively available for the Safari. It generates a max of 170 PS and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. A manual 6-speed gearbox or an automated 6-speed torque converter are available as the transmission options.