TalSuccess launches partnership with ROI Institute in India

TalSuccess launches partnership with ROI Institute in India

TalSuccess, a brand of Quint Consulting Services (Quint), a leading provider of personnel transformation services, today announced the establishment of a relationship with ROI Institute, Inc. to provide ROI services in India. The ROI Institute is the global leader in calculating and assessing the return on investment (ROI) on people, projects, and programmes.

The official launch, which drew over 100 Quint customers from India and 12 other countries, took place virtually, with Sunil Mehta, Quint's Managing Director, delivering the opening remarks and Patti Phillips, Ph.D., CEO & Co-founder of ROI Institute, describing the ROI Methodology and its application during her keynote address.

The ROI Methodology is a scalable and systematic method for evaluating programmes. The methodology enables users to collect appropriate data to report on the performance of a variety of initiatives and programme types by utilising a process model, a five-level framework, and operating standards to capture performance metrics ranging from simple satisfaction scores to financial impact. Both qualitative and quantitative data are generated by the ROI Methodology. It enables finance executives and stakeholders to accept extraordinary metrics and ROI reports by isolating programme effects from other variables.

Globally, the ROI Methodology is the most widely used and applied evaluation technique, with over 6,000 organisations utilising it. The ROI Methodology enables the evaluation of programme performance and the optimization of programme design for maximum impact. A targeted, tried-and-true, and pragmatic approach – the process is based on conservative principles and is a cost-effective method of programme evaluation.

ROI Institute is happy to increase its commercial reach with TalSuccess's strength in the Indian market. TalSuccess and ROI Institute have partnered to assist organisations in evaluating the success of projects and programmes, including calculating the financial return on investment (ROI).

Mr. Sunil Mehta, Country Manager - India, Middle East, and Africa, Quint Consulting Services, commented on the launch, "We are happy to work with ROI Institute to provide value to our customers in India." The ROI Institute's ROI Methodology is well-known throughout the world, and businesses can significantly profit from its application - by connecting business needs with training. This is an excellent chance for our customers to gain experience measuring and analysing their activities through the use of ROI Methodology. We can give ROI training and consulting services and would welcome the opportunity to assist corporations in analysing their investments in people, projects, and programmes.”