Svami Drinks rolls out 2 Cal Cola & Lemonade

Svami Drinks rolls out 2 Cal Cola & Lemonade

Svami Drinks, a market leader in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, has launched two highly awaited and varied beverages: Svami 2 Cal Cola, India's premium cola, and Svami Salted Lemonade.

Since its debut, the brand has proudly developed a reputation and credibility in the beverage business. With the debut of two iconic beverages and notable category extensions, the brand has set out on a mission to disrupt the Indian beverage market and establish the most comprehensive variety of non-alcoholic beverages in the country.

As an added bonus, the brand is reimagining classics with a healthy and natural touch. Unlike many other flavours available on the market, the drink has no sugar, while the lemonade is created with real lemons and contains a little amount of sugar.

The cola is an indigenous premium product from India, and the brand's introduction seeks to appeal to the conscientious customer and adapt to changing consumer behaviour. The business has defied all expectations by inventing a sugar-free, calorie-free cola. It tastes wonderfully refreshing when consumed straight, but also when combined with alcohol, particularly black spirits, making it an extremely adaptable beverage. It's the ideal mixing element for mastering Cuba Libres, JDs, and LIITs. It is the ideal alternative for guilt-free consumption because it is a keto-friendly beverage that has no synthetic/artificial flavours.

With the introduction of Salted Lemonade, the most versatile mixer, the sweet and salted fresh lime Give your ordinary Tequila, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, or Beer a nimbu touch with lemonade mimosas and cold brew coffee lemonade, or be brunch ready with lemonade mimosas and cold brew coffee lemonade. Certainly the first of its sort, it offers an appealing blend of sweet and sour flavours with a tinge of salt. Not only is the versatile product an ideal mixer, but it also makes a delectable drink on its own.