Supreem enters super foods segment with 19 products

Supreem enters super foods segment with 19 products

Supreem, headquartered in Mysuru, has launched its first foray into super foods with 19 products and plans to add 38 more by year's end. The company, which has a solid pharmaceutical base in Mysuru, has now ventured into the production of healthy superfoods after appraising the lucrative marketing prospect.

These items are produced entirely of natural substances and have no known adverse effects. The portfolio, which currently consists of 19 products offered through ecommerce platforms and modern retail chains, will be expanded to 50 by the end of this fiscal year. "We intend to expand it to over 100 products by the end of the next fiscal year. The market is poised for significant growth, driven by customer demand for health, safety, and convenience "Chairman & Managing Director, Supreem Super Foods, Sadanand Nagaraja Rao told.

There are goods for health management, performance beverages and foods, and lifestyle management. Garcicumin, Superejuven, Sucrestat, Gingerin, Suvarna Amla, Wellness Treats, Gingberry Candy, and Co-Zing Candy are a few of them. Additionally, there is a range of Healthy Snacks from Normalife that includes Soya Chips, Oats Puffs, Multipurpose Mix, Fava Beans, Mint Chips, Seedy Mix, Ragi Millet Chips, Quinoa Mix, and Quinoa Puffs.

Rao stated that living a healthy lifestyle is critical at the moment and that the company's goal is to combine creativity and experience in order to research and develop smart, sustainable superfoods that can be enjoyed on the fly. "Today's lifestyle demands quick and nutritious bites, and we've infused our selection with immunity-boosting nutrients to help keep lifestyle problems at bay."

Supreem Pharmaceuticals had a revenue of Rs. 68 crore in the previous fiscal year. Over the last five years, the CAGR has been greater than 20% in terms of revenue and profitability. The business intends to attain a combined revenue of roughly Rs. 90-100 crore this financial year with the introduction of its consumer products division Supreem Super Foods. Supreem Pharmaceuticals is now investing over Rs. 25 crore over the next five years to create this consumer company, with the goal of achieving a CAGR of over 30% in the next five years to attain a total revenue of Rs. 250+ crore, he said.

"We intend to invest more than Rs 80 crore over the next three years in this new consumer sector. This will result in direct and indirect employment of between 1500 and 2000 people over this time period "Supreem Super Foods' CEO stated.