Superfood market is expected to witness a formidable growth rate

Superfood market is expected to witness a formidable growth rate

Modern awareness has elevated nutrition to a top priority and raised public understanding of a growing food category known as Superfoods. A cuisine segment that was previously only available to high-level athletes and target trainers is now making inroads into the general public's diet because of our growing curiosity about the relationship between diet and health.

Customers are continuously searching for food and drink options that can do more than simply appease their cravings because health and wellness is one of the major trends in the industry today.

Today, millions of new health items may be found by conducting a short online search on portals. These products were not available only a few years ago.

Being healthy has become a priority for many people as a result of the information boom, but efforts to combat particular health issues and ailments by replacing nutrition for pharmaceuticals have given food a significant boost and thrust superfoods into the worldwide limelight.

A superfood is a list of foods that provides health advantages above and above the nutritional value of a food, similar to how superheroes have given them superpowers. They serve primarily as a delivery system for cellular absorption of bioactive chemicals and micronutrients that improve health. You can prevent sickness and age well by using this basic dietary science, which has the ability to play a part in that process.

A superfood is a whole, unadulterated food, not an extract, artificially flavoured powder, quick mix, or a single ingredient. For today's modern consumer who knows the connection between plant-power and a healthy diet, this segment coincides with global 'clean label' movements.

Consumer concerns about personal health and fitness, as well as rising disposable income, will drive significant expansion in the global superfood market through 2026. Superfood demand has risen as more people join gyms and fitness centres and are advised to include these foods in their diets by nutritionists and trainers.

The IMARC analysis predicts that the global superfood market will develop at a CAGR of 6% between 2021 and 2026. Over the next decade, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to increase significantly due to numerous advancements in major economies, particularly in the food and beverage industry. The global market is expected to increase at a 7.9% compound annual rate over the next decade, nearly doubling in size.

With 3x-4x higher profit margins in superfoods than in other foods, this is a lucrative industry for business owners. As a result, businesses have been inspired to come up with new ideas. It is easy to see that many of the goods on the market today are made from superfood ingredients such as plant protein, daily nutrition blends, plant-based sports nutrition supplements, smoothie mixes, meal replacement drinks, and other nutraceuticals.

Are superfoods, then, a brand-new food category in the global food market? Rather, these are traditional medicines, foods that our ancestors knew and utilised to heal themselves before modern medicine even existed. It is, in my opinion, the product of eastern wisdom meeting western information. To put it another way, once it becomes popular in the West, the rest of the world will take notice.

As a result of the widespread consumption of fast food and processed foods, eating properly is now seen as an extreme diet. We've been in a bad eating rut for so long that we've forgotten about our country's rich history. 'alsi ke ladoo,' for example, is today's version of flaxseed that our grandparents knew.

India's rich history, ancient Vedic knowledge, and treasure trove of exotic herbs and shrubs make it a natural medicine mecca for discovering natural treatments. Superfoods like ayurveda and Indian health secrets are making a comeback in our normal diets thanks to western curiosity, which is spurring the development of new goods in the market.

With so many superfood-derived product alternatives available online, in supermarkets and on restaurant menu boards, here is a list of prominent superfoods that are still readily available to the average person. Scientific evidence shows that by treating yourself to at least some foods from the list each day and rotating your food choices to ensure optimal nutrition and healthy eating all year, you will have a more active, fitter and healthier lifestyle.

More and more people are becoming health-conscious and appreciating the underlying wisdom and power of Indian traditional food, so marketers will try to ride the superfood wave with new products, but the idea of a fortified healthy diet will continue to gain traction and be validated.