Samsung star scholar program helps a NIT student’s dream comes true

Samsung star scholar program helps a NIT student’s dream comes true

Pradeep Kumar has always had a fascination with automobiles. He wanted to be an engineer because he wanted to be able to design and build his own car. With his admission to the National Institute of Technology (NIT), the JNV alumnus is one step closer to his goal of competing in Formula Bharat with other colleges in the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) club.

Building a car cost money, and he didn't want his parents to have to shoulder any further debt on top of what they already owed for his college tuition. The Samsung Star Scholar programme for former JNV students came to his attention at that point.

"Without the Samsung Start Scholar programme, I would not be here today, looking forward to the future of my choice," said Pradeep, the son of a farmer from Rewari in Haryana.

In contrast to the majority of his peers, Pradeep had no desire to become a farmer or a soldier. While attending JNV, he discovered a new appreciation for academics when he attended the Samsung Smart Class. For the first time, he was studying visually, which piqued his interest in the sciences.

However, pursuing an engineering degree would involve a significant financial commitment for his parents, who were initially unimpressed but eventually rallied around him by providing him with coaching in the Rajasthani city of Kota.

During his first semester at NIT Kurukshetra, Pradeep was picked as a Samsung Star Scholar, and the scholarship money not only helped him relieve his parents' financial hardship, but it also provided him the confidence to pursue his dreams with all his might.

At university, he realised his lifelong dream of building an automobile from scratch. Formula Bharat is an engineering student design competition where teams compete with Formula-style vehicles, and Pradeep and his team designed a car that won the 'Endurance' round and placed 6th overall out of 90 teams.

For one academic year, the Samsung Star Scholar programme grants 150 scholarships up to INR 2 lakh to cover expenditures such as tuition, exams, hostel, and mess fees. These scholarships can be extended annually for a maximum of five years under the Samsung Star Scholar programme.

First-year applicants are selected on the basis of their JEE Main All India Rank (AIR), but students must maintain a Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CPGA) rating of 5 or higher in order to extend the scholarship for the 2nd – 4/5th year.

As part of its Powering Digital India initiative, Samsung hopes to provide financial assistance to deserving students from JNV schools who wish to attend the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or the National Institute of Technology (NIT).

Pradeep earned his engineering degree last year and has been hired by a prominent Construction Machinery Manufacturing Giant in Kharagpur, West Bengal..