SAMRIDDHI - integrated logistics services from Mahindra Logistics and Bajaj Electricals

SAMRIDDHI - integrated logistics services from Mahindra Logistics and Bajaj Electricals

Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL) and Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) Now made a statement of signing an agreement for advanced Logistics optimization and outsourcing agreement. This bargain is a complete end-to-end redesign and outsourcing of Bajaj Electricals' complete logistics by Mahindra Logistics, with the twin objectives of attaining improved & industry-best service levels, coupled with a logistics cost saving in excess of 25%. The entire contract value, of the one-of-its-kind deal from the Indian Logistics sector, will probably be in excess of $1,000 crores during the next 5 decades and is the results of a special and collaborative alternative.

Working together carefully, MLL has developed for BEL a completely redesigned and consolidated logistics community, with storage optimization, transport management and stock movement through technology, best practice and automation. In the heart of the network, there'll be two big ultramodern mega-warehouses in Delhi and Mumbai, together with latest technology, automation and skill-building, improved by environmentally conscious, greener & sustainable warehouse clinics. This system will further operate fully IT-enabled fulfilment centers by which BEL's dealers, distributors, clients will enjoy market-leading shipping lead times. As part of this solution, MLL will likely be deploying a healthy mixture of dedicated fleets and local supply trucks, empowered by the latest tracking technology and control tower operations. There'll also be a transition towards renewable logistics using electrical delivery trucks out of EDel from Mahindra Logistics.

For BEL, this project marks an important transition towards Implementing logistics management as a competitive advantage. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Anuj Poddar, Executive Director, stated,"At Bajaj Electricals, we have been actively working towards different strategic initiatives to improve value for our clients and other stakeholders. This cooperation with MLL is just one such crucial initiative and I am convinced it will help change our logistics, and help us serve our clients efficiently, strengthen our competitiveness and drive enhanced margins.

Commenting on this milestone for MLL, Mr. Rampraveen Swaminathan, CEO & MD stated "I believe what we are planning to perform for BEL is really distinctive and exceptional; improving service levels to their customers significantly, while driving down prices. I really don't think this would be possible without the extensive usage of technology - across network layout, warehouse management and transportation optimisation and management. Adapting our learnings from disparate industry verticals enabled us to make an innovative solution for the consumer durables and electronics industry minding our reach, knowhow and tech investments in equal portions."

This association is a Significant end-to-end outsourcing of an entire logistics with a leading Indian Organization group. Across companies as a means of achieving competitive advantage and cost optimisation.