Royal Enfield launches the new Himalayan

Royal Enfield launches the new Himalayan

Royal Enfield, the world leader in mid-size motorcycles (250cc–750cc), today announced the launch of the new Himalayan in India, Europe, and the United Kingdom, in three new distinctive terrain-inspired colorways and with a range of enhancements. In addition to the existing colorways Rock Red, Lake Blue, and Gravel Grey, the flexible adventure-touring motorcycle will now be available in New Granite Black (a blend of matte and gloss), Mirage Silver, and Pine Green. The Himalayan now has the Make It Yours - MiY - programme, which enables customers to customise and adorn their motorcycle across all channels - the RE App, the Internet, and at dealerships. Additionally, the new Himalayan will include the Royal Enfield Tripper navigation pod, a simple and straightforward turn-by-turn navigation system. Additionally, the new model receives changes to the seat, rear carrier, front rack, and windscreen, enhancing the versatility and comfort of the adventure tourer.

The Himalayan was launched with the goal of establishing a new sub-category within adventure touring. It has been enormously popular, with a growing community of adventure riders worldwide. Purpose-built and practical, the Himalayan launched in 2016 and has clearly carved out a solid category of accessible adventure travelling around the world over the last five years.

The Himalayan is a simple, capable, and 'go-anywhere' motorbike inspired by Royal Enfield's over 50 years of riding across the Himalayas. The Himalayan has garnered a tremendous reception from riders worldwide because to its adaptability, simplicity, and competence. The Himalayan is now widely regarded as a truly capable adventure tourer by global motorcycle experts, has appeared on the covers of leading global automobile magazines, and is one of the most popular Royal Enfield motorcycles sold in multiple geographies, including Europe, America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Mr Vinod K Dasari, CEO, Royal Enfield, commented on the Himalayan's journey and the launch of the new motorcycle, "In less than five years, the Royal Enfield Himalayan has established a new category within global adventure touring, successfully established itself as a truly global motorcycle, and has been among the most sought after motorcycles for Royal Enfield across several geographies." The original 2016 Himalayan was a category-defining motorbike that was extremely versatile and approachable. We've continuously refined the Himalayan's design and functionality over the years, based on feedback from our riding community, and improved the entire ride experience. This has struck a chord with millions of adventure enthusiasts worldwide, who now have other options. With today's launch, we are sure that we can continue to drive the adventure touring market globally.”

Inspired by its community and riding aficionados, the Himalayan has evolved over time with aesthetic and practical modifications to improve the whole ride experience, both on and off the road. The new Himalayan retains the original Himalayan's versatility and vigour, but enhances the ride experience with the addition of the Royal Enfield Tripper, a dedicated navigation display device for real-time directions built on the Google Maps Platform and connected to the rider's smartphone via the Royal Enfield App. Royal Enfield also introduces the MiY tool for the Himalayan with this launch, allowing customers to customise their motorcycles with a variety of accessories for added style, comfort, and protection, including a touring mirror kit, comfort seats, handlebar brace and pad, and aluminium panniers and mounting kits.

The new Himalayan features enhanced seat padding, letting riders to spend more time in the saddle in more comfort. The redesigned windscreen shields the rider from the elements, allowing for more comfortable and pleasant kilometres in the saddle. The redesigned Himalayan's rear carrier now includes an extra plate to ensure the secure attaching and installation of any luggage. Additionally, the rear carrier has been lowered in height to make mounting the motorcycle easier for riders. With the innovative and slim ergonomically adjusted front rack, the rider encounters minimum obstruction around the legs, enhancing overall comfort and pleasure.

The new Royal Enfield Himalayan will be available in three new colorways – Granite Black, Mirage Silver, and Pine Green – in addition to the three existing colorways – Rock Red, Lake Blue, and Gravel Grey. From INR. 2,01,314, the motorcycle will be available for booking and test rides at all Royal Enfield outlets in India (ex-showroom).