Royal Enfield launches the all-new Classic 350

Royal Enfield launches the all-new Classic 350

Since 1901, Royal Enfield has stood for strength, purpose, and authenticity. It has kept the history of making simple, harmonious classic motorcycles by combining traditional craftsmanship with current technology. The All-New Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a timeless classic motorcycle redesigned to fit new objectives. The Classic's stunning elegance and confidence now enhanced with a smoother and polished ride.

The all-new Classic continues Royal Enfield's history of manufacturing authentic post-war British motorcycles adored by riders worldwide. The Classic began in 1948 with the revolutionary Royal Enfield Model G2, the first manufacturing motorbike with swinging arm rear suspension. The Model G2 was a design inspiration for the very popular Classic 500 and Classic 350 introduced in 2008. Its commanding, comfortable riding attitude, and dependable UCE engine made it a popular among leisure motorcyclists.

Since its inception, the Classic has reinvented the middleweight motorcycle sector and resurrected Royal Enfield, resuming its global leadership position. After 12 years and over 3 million motorcycles sold, the Classic has established its own legacy, which the new Classic 350 will continue.

“The Classic 350 debuted in 2008 was a modern and capable motorbike that embodied the timeless post-war style from the heydays of the British motorcycle industry,” said Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors Ltd. This motorbike redefined the middleweight (250-750cc) motorcycle sector with its engaging design language and simplicity. Our goal has always been to create timeless, classic, gorgeous motorcycles that are also exciting to ride, and the new Classic 350 does exactly that. The all-new Classic 350 wonderfully mixes timeless design with a modern and sophisticated ride. Built from the ground up with a modern J-series engine and a brand new chassis, the Classic 350 is a rider's dream. We focused on every area of the motorcycle, from the gorgeous design to the flawless parts and touchpoints to the flawless riding performance. The perfectly tuned engine is smooth, intelligent, responsive, and engaging, with a lovely growl while accelerating. The new chassis is a joy to drive, especially in tight traffic and on tricky corners. The Classic has the most comfortable seating, suspension, and ergonomics of any motorbike. The motorcycle is unquestionably class-leading, elegant, and fun to ride. We are certain that the new Classic 350 will reinvent the mid-size motorcycle segment globally.

“The Classic has been a tremendous catalyst in establishing and expanding the middleweight category in India, as well as unlocking a thriving sub-culture of leisure riding among young and seasoned riders worldwide,” said B Govindarajan, Executive Director, Royal Enfield. The all-new Classic 350 builds on this history with a fresh and redesigned ride experience. The new Classic 350, with its quality fit and finish, updated chassis and engine, and superior ride and handling, aspires to carry on the history. We are optimistic that the new Classic 350 will further fuel our growth and ambitions”.

The new Classic 350 features a 349cc air-oil cooled single cylinder engine, which was previously introduced on the Meteor. Thanks to the Classic's 349cc, fuel-injected, air/oil cooled engine, it produces 20.2 horsepower at 6100 rpm and 27Nm at 4000rpm, with a strong low-end grunt and ultra smooth linear power delivery across the band. The primary balancer shaft reduces vibrations, making the resurrected Classic a pleasure to ride. The revised 5-speed gearbox delivers strong city acceleration and a pleasant ride at cruising speed. To the delight of Royal Enfield fans, the new Classic 350 retains the distinctive exhaust thump.

The all-new Classic 350 has been designed and developed by brilliant designers and engineers at Royal Enfield's two state-of-the-art technology facilities in India and the UK. The all-new chassis is designed for comfort and agility. The firmer chassis inspires confidence at faster cornering speeds while remaining planted and stable on straights. For a more pleasant ride, the front and rear suspension has been improved. The Classic's improved riding ergonomics and confident braking promises to improve every ride experience.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes in 5 fascinating new variations with 11 colourways: Redditch, Halcyon, Classic Signals, Dark and Classic Chrome. Except for the Redditch, which features single channel ABS and disc brakes up front. In India, the new Classic 350 will be priced at INR 1,84,374 for the Redditch, INR 1,93,123 for the Halcyon, INR 2,04,367 for the Classic Signals, INR 2,11,465 for the Dark Series, and INR 2,15,118 for the Classic Chrome (all prices are ex-showroom, Chennai).