Record-breaking numbers in IITH eConvocation - 18 PhDs, 118 Masters & 523 graduated

Record-breaking numbers in IITH eConvocation - 18 PhDs, 118 Masters & 523 graduated

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted the International Institute of Information Technology (IIITH), to conduct its 20th convocation online. They also live-streamed this year's eConvocation. The record-breaking number of 18 PhDs, 118 Masters with theses was achieved. 523 students were graduated.

Today's graduates, 136 of 523, earned their degrees based upon a high-quality thesis. This is more than 26%. The Dual-Degree Master of Science, Ph.D and Master of Science programmes at IIITH continue to be recognized by top universities and product companies around the world.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this academic year was exceptional. All courses were taught online by the institute using the most up-to-date technology and best practices.

Aadilmehdi Sanchawala, B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering was presented with the IIIT Gold Medal in recognition of his exceptional academic performance. Vakada Sireesha, a dual degree in CSE and Aashna Jena Dual Diploma in Computation Linguistics received the B.Tech Best Allrounder award. Programme gold medals were awarded to 14 students.

Placements were not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. There were 93 companies that registered to conduct placements, and offered job opportunities to IIITH's graduates.

Professor Yosuha Bengio from University of Montreal and Mila (Quebec AI Institute), encouraged graduates to make meaning of their lives and help society through their expertise.

Professor P J Narayanan (Director, IIITH) congratulated the graduating students as well as their parents. The world is facing unprecedented challenges right before our eyes. This is a great opportunity to use the skills, knowledge, and attitude you gained at IIIT Hyderabad to help the world. It also allows you to enrich your life in many ways. I'm confident that you will succeed and make the institute proud. Keep in touch with the institute to ensure that our efforts are amplified. It is the alumni who make great institutions. We are honored to have played a small part in your life journey and we will always remember you.

Professor Raj Reddy, Chairman of IIIT Hyderabad's Governing Board, won the Turing Award. He also called in from the US to admit students and congratulated them.


The graduating batch includes 523 student (135 UG/270 PG, and 118 MSIT). Apart from 18 Ph.Ds, 118 Masters with thesis. This is the highest number of graduates ever recorded at the institute.

Last year, the institute welcomed 12 regular faculty members and seven more are on the horizon. Two faculty members were promoted. One faculty member was promoted. One faculty member has retired. Faculty have the option to reduce their teaching load to allow them to focus more on research. This creates an environment that is highly conducive for research. 6 faculty were awarded faculty research awards grants/Unrestricted grant from Adobe Systems, Facebook Google, Qualcomm.

Two new initiatives were launched by IIITH to apply its research strengths towards solving societal problems. INAI is the first initiative. It combines research and translation to bring together AI research and population-scale issues in India. INAI was created in collaboration with Intel, the Government of Telangana. A Centre for Technology in Service of the Society, named after Prof Raj Reddy, is the second initiative. Prof Reddy is passionate about helping people at the bottom end of society. This initiative aims to highlight and increase Prof Reddy's passion for education and research in marginalized areas of society.

- The institute set a lofty goal to increase Wikipedia's reach in Indian languages by tenfold starting with Telugu. We work with the state and central governments, Wikimedia Foundation and other partners such as Telugu University, to create digital resources, productivity enhancement and training material and conduct various community development activities.

IHub Data at IIIT Hyderabad is one the Technology Innovation Hubs established under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Computer-Physical Systems. This hub is focused on data-driven technologies in Healthcare, Mobility and other areas that address India's specific challenges. The Hub's mission is to create datasets that can be used to fuel applied research in these areas and produce technologies/products that have an impact on the wider society. We are currently working on problems such as Technology for Road Safety and Cancer Screening and Diagnostics, Mental/Neuro health, etc. In collaboration with many academic, healthcare and industry partners.

- A team of faculty, undergraduate students, researchers, staff and students produced 469papers at top rated conferences as well as peer-reviewed journals. Our students and faculty presented their papers online at several high-ranking conferences. However, they were unable to travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 15 of our Ph.D. students received competitive fellowships from TCS and Google, Visvesvaraya etc. Several more qualified for UGC and CSIR grants. Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd provided scholarships of Rs.7.5 lakhs to three Dual Degree program students. 7.5 lakhs

The total contribution of IIITH alumni to the scholarship program has been Rs. 1.6 million to a scholarship program for students in need. The fund has been increased to 64 lakhs since November 2020. 54 students received financial aid through the Alumni Fund. 28 student beneficiaries also received financial assistance from this Alumni Fund. Between Nov 25 and Dec 25, 2020, the Alumni Giving Month fundraising campaign for Covid Impact raised approximately 20 lakhs. Alumni also contributed 33 lakhs towards the cochlear implant for our staff's daughter, and 21.6 lakhs towards Byagari Sri Krishna's Memorial Fund.