Realme launches portable bluetooth speakers

Realme launches portable bluetooth speakers

Realme is a well-known brand in the world of technology products. The business is well-known for its magnificent products, which include 4K televisions, speakers, smartphones, and other vital technology items that play an important role in our lives. This time, the business intended to introduce India's first portable speakers.

There are two types of Bluetooth speakers: Cobble and Pocket. It was dubbed the Cobble Bluetooth Speaker by Realme and the Pocket Bluetooth Speaker by the company. Each buyer wants to see the first glance and hear the sound of this Realme portable speaker.

Thus far, Realme's sounder bars have been one of the company's most successful items. However, it will be interesting to watch how successful the portable speaker dubbed the 'Cobble Bluetooth Speaker' is. The speaker will begin sales in Malaysia and will thereafter expand to India. India is currently the second largest market for this 'Cobble Bluetooth Speaker.'

According to the business, this speaker will be known for its enhanced bass and increased power to play it anytime, anyplace. Simply put, you can enjoy the music of this Realme Portable speaker whenever you're in the mood to party. The Cobble and Pocket Bluetooth speakers are both part of the Realme TechLife ecosystem, which is a collection of the company's non-mobile devices.

Realme entered the audio market last year when it debuted the soundbar alongside the 55-inch 4K television. Simply said, the product is a competitor of Xiami, which also sells products in the same category and offers excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker will be available shortly at a introductary price of Rs 1,499. On the other hand, Realme's Pocket Bluetooth Speaker would be available for Rs 1,099, up from Rs 999 initially.