ProNutiva programme from UPL increases yield and oil content in groundnut crop

ProNutiva programme from UPL increases yield and oil content in groundnut crop

The ProNutiva Sada Samrudh Groundnut programme in Gujarat, run by UPL, a global supplier of sustainable agriculture products and solutions, has shown exceptionally encouraging results.

The project, which was broadened in May 2021, has improved crop yields dramatically, improving the revenue of the participating farmers as well. Over 750 farmers, Village Sarpanchs, and agriculture department officials attended a live harvest demonstration at Rikadia Village in Amreli to show off the technology.

To assist quadruple farmers' yields and income, the first pilot programme was started in 2020 with 8,500 farmers in Gujarat's main groundnut belts. It has since expanded to cover over 2.5 lakh acres of farmland with 50,000 farmers. Groundnut yields have increased by 50-60%, while oil extraction has increased by 1%. The increased fodder output of 35% aided the farmers' ability to earn more money from their dairy operations.

Integrated agricultural services were provided to groundnut farmers as part of the Pronutiva Sada Samrudh initiative to boost groundnut output and revenue. These integrated services included IPM kits, soil testing, weather services, crop advisory, and High-Tech Enabled Farmer Mechanization Services. They also employed 'ZEBA,' a ground-breaking UPL product that absorbs water and nutrients and releases them when the plant needs them.

It has shown the importance of appropriate inputs and advice, as well as technology services for the upliftment of groundnut farmers, and it has also demonstrated the potential to stimulate highly remunerative groundnut farming across the nation, which in turn can contribute to food and nutritional security as well as help the country's Edible Oil Mission. This project has done both.

Grant Thornton and Junagarh Agriculture University have both conducted surveys of the programme on behalf of We Governance Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd.

There were significant increases in healthy plants, peg formation, pod count, and pod weight when 'ZEBA' and other services were utilised, according to We Governance Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd.'s findings.

According to the Junagarh Agriculture University study, oil increased by 1.45%, real protein in nuts increased by 1.68%, and total carbs increased by 0.72%. The Grant Thornton is still working on a report, which should be released soon.

On the success of the initiative Savesh Kumar, UPL's Head of India Filed Marketing, said: "Gujarat is an important state in India's groundnut production and has the biggest capacity in India. White-grub infestation, water management, and soil nutrient inadequacy are just a few of the challenges farmers in the area confront. As a result of our program's positive outcomes, we are hopeful that yields will continue to rise, ultimately improving the livelihoods of American farmers.

It is the goal of the ProNutiva Sada Samrudh initiative as well, according to the company's Regional Head for India, Ashish Dobhal. In addition to increasing agricultural productivity, the programme has also helped farmers boost their revenue, which we are thrilled to see."