Planet Marathi OTT enters regional language influential platforms

Planet Marathi OTT enters regional language influential platforms

People's primary source of entertainment has shifted to the internet. Numerous platforms are available to keep you entertained. Planet Marathi OTT is one of the most known venues for learning about Maharashtra's culture and how people consume entertainment content.

Planet Marathi OTT, founded by Akshay Bardapurkar, is a recently created platform. Since the portal began broadcasting the critically acclaimed Marathi film 'June' on June 30, it has garnered widespread interest. It has now secured some major and exciting projects for the platform, which will be streamed shortly.

Additionally, the team is now working on the OTT platform's marketing and promotional efforts. Jayanti Waghdhare, a notable journalist, is in charge of the campaigns. She adds that her experience working on the campaigns has been enlightening.

The Planet Marathi OTT platform's logo was unveiled before to the streaming of the film 'June'. The logo is supposed to be basic yet eccentric. The logo's purpose is to assist users in visualising the platform's philosophy. Additionally, it indicates that the Marathi Film Industry has expanded into the internet realm.

Additionally, it gives an element of relatability for the audience, connecting them to the true meaning of entertainment. On the one hand, the platform has attracted the attention of several celebrities, while on the other hand, the public is ecstatic.

The site is shattering prejudices about Marathi entertainment and intends to broaden its reach beyond the country. They aim to ensure that everyone in the country understands the Marathi entertainment sector and that any preconceived notions about the state or its entertainment industry are dispelled.