Plaeto launches footwear brand for Indian children

Plaeto launches footwear brand for Indian children

The total experience of Ravi Kallayil, Sara Kilgore, and Pavan Kareti spans three decades, and they've all worked for major footwear companies like Nike and Adidas. By 2020, the three had given up their dream careers to start a low-cost, innovative footwear firm made in India for Indian youngsters. A lot of market research and R&D has gone into establishing cutting-edge capabilities for product innovation since then.

Plaeto, India's first direct-to-consumer foot health brand, was officially launched today by the company's founders. It will create and deliver'shoes for growing feet' for Indian children aged three to eighteen. Footwear designers and engineers from the US, Italy, and India built the science-based shoes using insights gleaned from Plaeto's Foot Morphology Research, which logged thousands of hours of research time on Indian children's feet.

Plaeto was founded with the goal of providing Indian children with world-class shoes that care for their feet and help them grow up strong, active, and healthy, thanks to the support of prominent Angel investors. For adventurous, active, busy and mischievous feet or just letting kids be kids, these first-of-their-kind shoes are made with robust, strong, yet extremely supportive materials.

"In 2011, a 10-year-old child from Bangalore sent me a handwritten letter requesting a discount on a Nike shoe and that sparked off a long quest to figure out the answer to the simple question, 'How can we make a great shoe for Indian kids at an accessible price?'" Ravi Kallayil, CEO and Co-founder of Plaeto, introduced the innovation to the market. That was the only way I could make it happen after over a decade of development labour. Due to global instability from the pandemic in 2020, I quit my "greatest job in the world" at Nike Innovation to become an entrepreneur in India.

Innovating for the Indian youngster was an obvious opportunity for us, so we jumped at the chance. Additionally, we thought it was our duty to construct the shoe in such a way that Planet Earth would be a better place for future generations to inherit," stated Ravi.

Plaeto's Chief Design Officer, Sara Kilgore, said, "Kids not having access to quality/comfortable footwear inhibits them from playing entirely, which can be damaging to their physical and emotional health. Through quality and ecological footwear, our objective at Plaeto is "to convey joy of play to every Indian child."

Poorly made shoes have been linked to problems with structural foot and body development in children, according to research. Plaeto's study also discovered that 30% of Indian children were wearing shoes that were the wrong size. Plaeto was an obvious next step for me, given my expertise in psychology and my experience of footwear design, manufacturing, and engineering. Global and individual health are intertwined concerns. All people deserve good items so they can have a decent existence. Sara explained that with Plaeto, it all starts with the shoes.

As a result, more people will buy sustainable items, which will help reduce their carbon footprint. Bruce Kilgore, Plato's Mentor, remarked, "Pleto is an example of that idea." Former Nike Innovation Head Bruce, who built the world's best-selling franchise shoe, the AirForce1, has created footwear for world-class sportsmen such as Michael Jordan throughout the course of his 35-year career as a footwear designer and innovator.

Through their products and initiatives, the Bengaluru-based company hopes to reach 30 percent of India's 300 million youngsters. For worldwide expansion, the company intends to target regions like Africa, where finding affordable, high-quality footwear is a problem. As part of the long-term plan, the concept of sustainable development will be promoted in established markets like Europe and the United States.