Phonato Studios’ Games cross 10 million downloads

Phonato Studios’ Games cross 10 million downloads

Phonato Studios, a mobile game development company, has surpassed ten million downloads for its gaming titles and experienced exponential growth in market penetration, particularly in the North American market.

Founded in 2013 by two graduates of Jamia Millia Islamia, Faisal Abidi and Raghib Khan, the company has seen significant growth, a remarkable feat for a bootstrapped Indian company operating in an industry dominated by American, Chinese, and European firms.

The primary factors that have contributed to Phonato Studios' success are a strong team, an in-depth understanding of the current gaming market, and the founders' decision to “bootstrap” the company from the start while remaining true to their vision of delivering the best possible gaming experience. Notably, Phonato Studios – which is completely debt-free – has received an average of 4.5+ star reviews on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Bootstrapping was a personal resolution for both Faisal and Raghib. “Being self-funded gave us a great deal of creative freedom and allowed our team to experiment with new ideas. While many investors would have been hesitant to invest in games prior to the pandemic, we jumped in head first because we recognised this as a growing market. Now that our offerings have garnered critical acclaim, we are well on our way to expanding our product line,” said Raghib, Phonato Studios' Co-Founder and Director.

Faisal, his co-founder and director, who also oversees the services division of their other business, RNF Technologies, added, "Calling the shots worked wonders for us! We could strategically time our growth according to the market conditions at the time. Being a self-funded business with no external investors provided us with that leverage. It required a great deal of patience, determination, and hard work, but as a team, we were our own bosses in the truest sense, and we relished every minute of it.”

After gaining valuable work experience at AOL and Google, the duo launched RNF Technologies in 2009. With more than 250 international clients utilising RNF Technologies' web development and digital marketing services, RNF Technologies served as the ideal springboard for Phonato Studios and Resource, an IT staff augmentation firm with several Fortune 500 clients. Notably, RNF Technologies was named one of the "Top-Performing App Development Companies for 2021" by Clutch, a reputable market research firm based in the United States of America.

Along with these ventures, the friends-turned-business partners have interests in the business-to-business events industry. With excellence and innovation at the forefront of their priorities, they hope to continue cultivating Indian talent and truly "Make in India" in order to provide impressive services, products, and experiences to their clients worldwide.