Now have Khauwala laddoos for fitness

Now have Khauwala laddoos for fitness

Founded by Pune's Khauwale Patankar, Khauwala & Co is a new initiative from the famed company that has been serving up Indian snacks and traditional food for 70 years. These premium laddoos were presented during the festival season and delighted foodies from all over the world.

Every celebration in India is complete without laddoos, the country's most popular sweet treat. Laddoos at local markets have a high sugar content, thus health-conscious folks try to repress their desire.

Innovative, diverse, and premium-quality laddoos created from the finest grains freshly ground for each batch are the result of the company's efforts here. The combination of pure ghee, vital seasonings, and dried fruits enhances the flavour and texture of the dish.

It all starts with the customary pure ghee laddoos, which are a must-have for any Indian meal. They're ubiquitous in Indian households all over the country. It is, however, the variety of protein laddoos for fitness-conscious consumers that is the real game-changer. Laddoos have always been avoided by this audience because of their high calorie content, but now they may enjoy the goodness of the Khauwala Protein, Whole Grain, and Seven Grains laddoos.

As a group, diabetics are often prohibited from overindulging in sweets. Because of this, Khauwala's sugar-free ladduos now provide a wide variety of options for those who want to eat healthier. Singhada, saboodana, peanuts, and jaggery, and peanuts and dates laddoos are just few of the offerings from this ever-changing brand.

For Devangi Patankar, Khauwala & Co. co-founder and director: "We are carrying forward an unrivalled legacy of almost seven decades at Khauwala. In addition to keeping the original taste and richness of the ingredients alive, we have also blended our offerings with the culture of the United States of America as a brand." However, even though we have always maintained the highest standards of hygiene and quality, the current pandemic epidemic required us to further benchmark our levels of hygiene. Those are the areas in which our advanced, least-contact manufacturing and packaging technologies meet strict worldwide hygiene standards. It showcases the traditional "chitrakari" art of India, depicting many aspects of the consumption of sweets and festivities in Indian homes."

"The laddoo is getting a makeover from us. To ensure that no matter what your palate desires, Khauwala has introduced a variety of various flour and ingredient combinations so that there is always a Khauwala laddoo that will satisfy your cravings no matter where you live. Whether you are fasting, watching your weight, or have diabetes, we have a wide variety of laddoos for you to choose from. People in India celebrate their holidays by eating sweets, which is a part of the tradition. We are now bringing Indian cuisine to the rest of the world thanks to our unique blend of traditional flavours and modern sensibilities. We have massive manufacturing and packaging infrastructure in place. With the help of our extensive market research, we are now providing Indian traditional snacks as upscale and contemporary ready to eat snacking options to a worldwide audience," Patankar continued.