NovaGuard SA Pro Safety System launches 0.5ml syringe in India

NovaGuard SA Pro Safety System launches 0.5ml syringe in India

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (West), a global leader in innovative solutions for injectable drugs and healthcare products, recently announced the launch of its latest product for the Indian domestic market – the NovaGuard® SA Pro Safety System, a single-use accessory for prefilled ISO standard 0.5mL staked needle syringes.

West's award-winning NovaGuard® SA Pro safety system is now available in a 0.5ml version for ISO 0.5ml standard and 1ml long glass staked needle syringes.

The NovaGuard® SA Pro safety system is a unique product with innovative safety features that helps safeguard healthcare personnel and patients from unintentional needlestick injuries. It can be deployed with one hand and is designed to avoid pre-activation during handling.

Additionally, the device design enables simple assembly of a glass pre-filled syringe with minimal change parts and changeover time required at customer facilities.

Senior Sales Director, West Asia Pacific Region, Alagu Subramaniam "At West, we are devoted to enhancing patient health through our innovative products and services in order to contribute to a better world. We are pleased to expand our NovaGuard® SA Pro safety system solutions in India, providing patients with a more secure syringe for treatment of an infinite number of ailments."

Among the many advantages of the NovaGuard® SA Pro safety system are the following:

  • Compatible with normal ISO 0.5mL glass staked needle syringes and 1mL long glass staked needle syringes.
  • A thorough technical document is given.
  • The tamper-resistant feature assists in preventing needle recapping.
  • Assembly is simple to use on both low- and high-speed filling lines.
  • Transparent in terms of pharmaceutical examination and labelling
  • Compatible with regular plunger rods as well as custom plunger rods
  • Functionality tests at temperatures ranging from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Their use on pre-filled syringe assembly lines has a negligible impact.
  • Low activation force for end-user comfort during medicinal product distribution
  • Designed to remain dormant during handling

Earlier this year, West established a cooperation with domestic Indian pharmaceutical business Venus Remedies Ltd., whose brand Cloti-XaTM is protected by West's NovaGuard® SA Pro 1mL safety system, which is designed for use with prefilled ISO standard 1mL long staked-needle syringes.

With the launch of the 0.5mL version in India, West hopes to add value for local customers and the healthcare industry. The 0.5mL offering is appropriate for low molecular weight heparin medicines as well as biologic medication items currently being developed by generic manufacturers.