NJA recognized the talent and craftsmanship in the gems and jewellery industry.

NJA recognized the talent and craftsmanship in the gems and jewellery industry.

NJA 2020-21, an initiative by the All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), the apex body for domestic jewellery sector, was staged on a larger and grander scale for the grand finale of this industry's most coveted honour, the National Jewellery Awards. The NJA 2020-21 received a massive response, with tens of thousands of people submitting their ideas.

A total of nine award categories were presented at the NJA's 10th anniversary celebration, with each of those categories further subdivided into 36 subcategories. These categories covered the entire spectrum of the jewellery industry from students and designers to artisan jewellers and everything in between, with special awards such as the Gem of the Year (East/West North/South), Yuva Ratna Award and Jewel of the Year as well as industry's highest honour, The Anmol Ratna Award. In the jewellery category, there were 17 subcategories, including the following: Bride's Pride (Gold/Diamond/Jaddau Bridal Jewelry); Couture Jewellery (Gold or Diamond); New Age Women's Jewellery – 9-to-5 (Gold or Diamond); Paramparik Jewellery (Artisan's Pride); Platinum Jewellery; The Touch of Color (Colourstone Jewellery); The Treasure of Ocean (Pearl Jewellery); Zirconia.

NJA convener Nilesh Shobhawat, chairman of the Global Jewellery Council (GJC), as well as other prominent figures from the jewellery business attended the event. As part of the festivities, Bollywood star Sangeeta Bijlani joined actors Sophie Choudry and Kimi Katkar as well as host and singer Hussain Kuwajerwala to congratulate the victors. The audience, which included artists from the gold and jewellery industries, had a fun day.

The three-hour awards ceremony celebrated and honoured the best in the gem and jewellery industry. The NJA under the auspices of GJC is considered the industry's largest and broadest award show, recognising all sectors of the industry and providing a platform for true industry talent to be appreciated and encouraged to stimulate industry growth and creativity following the difficult time of pandemic. It stands for craft, devotion, and motivation.

"NJA 20-21 will boost growth and support the advancement of the gem and jewellery sector to the next paradigm following the global pandemic," stated GJC Chairman Ashish Pethe. When it comes to promoting the best of India, NJA fosters creativity and recognises innovation. 'Make in India' jewellery manufacture and retailing generates passion, skill, and devotion. It attracts newcomers to the sector and motivates them to succeed. India's craftsmen and artisans take centre stage at NJA, where they are recognised and honoured for their contributions to the jewellery industry's historic past.

'The 10th edition of the prestigious National Jewellery Awards comes at a tough moment caused by the pandemic,' remarked Mr. Nilesh Shobhawat, Convener-NJA, GJC. In order to keep industry and commerce motivated during these difficult economic times, GJC has launched a number of prominent projects, including NJA. NJA offers a nationwide stage for the gem and jewellery industry's skilled and tenacious players to display and demonstrate their skills."

GIA – Laboratory is the laboratory sponsor of the GJC's NJA 2020-21, which is sponsored by WGC, Trophy Partner R V Agrawal Impex Pvt Ltd, and GJC. Associating Partner: De Beers; Education Partner: International Institute of Gemology (IIG); Supporting Partners: Shringar House of Mangalsutra; Laxmi Diamonds; Haripriya Traders; Manik Chand Jeweller; Shreejee Jewellers Pvt Ltd; Premiere Jewels of India; and BSE. Platinum Partner: Platinum Guild International.

To ensure that the awards are administered in the most transparent manner and that the outcomes are unbiased, GJC has enlisted the help of Ernst & Young (E&Y) as process advisers.