Nilon’s expands the Chinese product portfolio with new range of sauces and condiments

Nilon’s expands the Chinese product portfolio with new range of sauces and condiments

A recent analysis shows that Chinese food is India's second-largest cuisine with a 15% portion of the market. With increasing consumer popularity, acceptance and convenience in mind, Nilon has enhanced its portfolio of Chinese product ranges as one of India's leading processed food companies. A range of new-age goods has lately been added by the company to sauces, chutneys and spices. Red and Green Chilli, Soja sauce, vinegar and Szechuan Chutney, Manchurian Masala, Chicken 65 Masala and Chowmein Masala among many other products are all included in the shopping basket.

This collection of products combines an abundance of tastes and enables home cooks to explore with their culinary abilities and make cooking their favourite Chinese cuisines comfortable from noodles to cold rice and other delicacies. The products are authentic and exceptional.

Comment on the whole category "The Chinese food supply range is projected to dominate the market in the next years as consumer consumer consumer patterns evolve, with more home-ground experimenters experiencing their eat habits," says Dipak Sanghavi, Managing Director and CEO, Nilon's. The whole food category in China is around 800 cr, with the combinations of sauces and spices (not including noodles) and a 15% CAGR. It seems to be a favourite among children from the consumer's viewpoint and they play an important part in influencing the buying choices for these products especially Scezhuan chutney, Masalas Manchurian chowmein. The home-builder or home-cookers now can prepare the comfort of their homes for your favourite Chinese food."

The whole product range will be available throughout all the country, including selected e-commerce platforms, in contemporary, attractive sachet packaging, reusable spout and bottle packages, throughout all general trade.

'We ensure that high and severe production requirements are met in the preparation of our products and emphasise the use of multi-layered food-grade packaging material to keep our products fresh over a lengthy period of time. Dipak Sanghavi concludes that we want to significantly extend this sector with a great many additional products.'