New recyclable eco box Ferrero Rocher range

New recyclable eco box Ferrero Rocher range

The Ferrero Group of Confectionnaire has announced that it will have a recyclable eco box for its Ferrero Rocher chocolate collection, as part of its aim to 100% reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging by 2025.

The Group of Ferrero says its 'new environmentally friendly boxes' are partnered by its research and development team and by materials experts at Milliken. As part of the partnership, approximately 29 different plastic resins were supposedly produced and tested.

The Ferrero Group believes that the final design is composed of PP, which is easier to recycle worldwide. The company claims that as part of its "iconic" design the box will preserve its transparency.

"Packaging is a complex problem [and] we are dedicated to work in close coordination with government, manufacturers, suppliers, waste disposal management firms, NGOs and others in order to establish a more circular economy through packaging-relative initiatives.

"In this case, we have worked closely with Milliken in order, through the use of a new polypropylene material for the Ferrero Rocher box, to assist lessen the environmental impact."

Beginning in September 2021, the business will present new boxes in a staggered worldwide roll-out. The Ferrero Group states that its compact 16 and 30-piece boxes are the first product to be migrated.

For its 16-piece box, the Ferrero Group believes its new design will use 40% less plastic and for its 30-piece box 38% less plastic. The company further believes that in its first year, after its rollout in September 2021, it will save almost 2,000 tonnes of plastic worldwide.

According to the Ferrero Group, both new 16- and 30-piece boxes will have a lower carbon footprint of at least 30%. It adds that when these new boxes are recycled, the carbon footprint of the old boxes will reportedly be 70% reduced.

The business said it plans to expand new designs over time to include the remainder of the Ferrero Rocher line. After the project is complete, an estimated 10,000 tonnes less plastics are supposed to be used.

The Ferrero Group announced additional alliances in the context of its sustainability commitments earlier this year, including with HolyGrail 2.0 and the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). The redefinition of the Ferrero Rocher portfolio shows the company's continuous attempt to achieve circularity objectives.

"We are happy to be able to take this critical step on the road to sustainable packaging, part of our Ferrero 2025 packaging pledge, adds Jerome Gray, president of worldwide marketing at the Ferrero Group.

"Our customers may enjoy the Ferrero Rocher and its loved ones and trust that we will do our lot to lessen our product effect."