NEOKOREA launched ‘Mango Code’, a developer rental service with Indian developers

NEOKOREA launched ‘Mango Code’, a developer rental service with Indian developers

NEOKOREA's CEO Jeongwu Seok announced that the company would offer a rental service to Indian developers to assist Korean SMEs in their digital transformation. The demand for APP and non-face to face web (WEB), has increased in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) but it was difficult for Korean SMEs in terms of time and cost to find developers and implement these changes.

We created the "Mango Code" under the Popular Indian Fruit 'Mango", and we opened a community and web page for Indian developers. Register as an Indian developer to work on Korean company projects. Indian developers have the opportunity to participate in overseas projects and receive benefits.

R.Tamil Selvan, an Indian developer, is working with us. He will support the Indian developers in communication with Korean companies and vice versa.

Tamil Selvan stated that we will provide the best platform for Indian developers for career development and encouraged Indian developers to use 'Mango Code'.

This gives Indian developers the opportunity to work on Korean projects. We created this rental service because of the high-quality Indian developers and the lack of Korean developers. Developers in India should make use of this network and help Korean SMEs achieve mutual benefits. You can collaborate with developers on different projects like app development and web designing. Based on their expertise.

The "Mango Code" is a website that allows Korean companies to request services or projects from Indian developers. It also provides a platform for Indian developers to freely share their projects. You can also discuss different topics with developers through a community function called the 'Pro Mango Code.

The cost of rental services depends on the project's size and the number of people involved.

  • Freelancer - 2,000,000 won/month
  • 3 people - 5,000,000 won/month
  • Group of five - 8 Million won/month
  • Group of 10 - 15 Million won/month

Register as a developer to work in Korea through the community.

"Mango Code" seems to be a solution for Korean SME's for technology development with Indian developers.