Nandu’s meat soon in a eco-friendly packaging

Nandu’s meat soon in a eco-friendly packaging

Today, Nandu's, India's largest hyperlocal and omni-channel meat brand, announced a significant milestone in its journey to become a truly sustainable business.

The company has introduced a unique eco-friendly packaging option for all home delivery orders, which promises to be a game changer in terms of smart sustainable solutions that meet both consumer and environmental concerns.

Nandu's, a zero-waste firm in the making, has adapted to consumers' steadily increasing tastes for more lasting, environmentally friendly packaging choices.

As part of the company's new green packaging initiative, the primary packaging (which comes into direct touch with the hygienically processed meat) is constructed entirely of non-plastic virgin food grade material that is 100% recyclable.

Similarly, the secondary packaging (the outside box that includes the primary packaging) is composed entirely of recyclable recycled and virgin paper, assuring both sustainability and presentability.

Plastics have a significant negative impact on the ecosystem, poisoning the oceans and accumulating in landfills. Given how much plastic waste ends up in landfills as a result of food packaging, eco-friendly packaging is a must.

Nandu's hopes to satisfy this requirement by transitioning all home deliveries to non-plastic virgin food quality material. As a staunch believer in sustainable solutions, the company is also willing to cover the overhead costs associated with eco-friendly packaging, as well as offer discounts to consumers who bring their own containers to the stores.

This further minimises packaging material consumption, setting a new standard for other businesses in the industry.

Narendra Pasuparthy, Chief Farmer, Founder, and CEO, Nandu's, stated, "We have incorporated sustainability into Nandu's DNA." We have a strong commitment to the environment as an organisation, which means we make purposeful efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Indeed, businesses cannot be governed solely on the basis of balance sheets; we must be mindful of our ecosystem, champion meaningful initiatives, and work to provide a more sustainable future for our children. In terms of our unique packaging, we chose the option that is a win-win for both us and the environment after much deliberation and material research, fueled by the unwavering faith and loyalty of our consumers. We took all necessary precautions when developing this innovation to ensure that the product's quality and safety are not compromised in any way. Nandu's current goal is to eliminate plastic from all of its packaging by 2023.”

From animal welfare to reengineering feed programmes (to eliminate antibiotics), to investing in solar energy and intelligent automation, the Bengaluru-based firm leads by example.

According to Vinay Gopinath, Chief Operating Officer of Nandu's, "Nandu's has become a part of the solution." For example, last year, when the pandemic struck, we implemented a ‘Bring Your Own Box' policy as a preemptive measure to foster consumer trust and confidence. The results were astounding! Wherever there is a will, there is a way, as the adage goes. We have been working nonstop to develop sustainable packaging materials that can be used in place of plastic. Today, there are numerous innovative and environmentally beneficial options available. The challenge is convincing businesses of the long-term benefits of being green, adopting a holistic strategy to reducing their environmental footprint, and promoting a more sustainable culture.”

Since its founding in 2016, Nandu's has advocated for environmentally and economically sustainable solutions. Indeed, to alleviate pressure on corn and soy, the company has been developing a project dubbed Insectifii, which aims to employ insect protein as a natural feed alternative.

Solar energy is used to power the breeding farms, for example; they do not rely on fossil fuels. Similarly, Nandu's employs chicken litter, which emits methane – a dangerous greenhouse gas – when left in the open, to power the biogas plant, which generates electricity for the facility.

Additionally, the chicken litter is digested and used as organic manure, which eliminates the need for farmers to use chemical fertilisers in agricultural operations.

“Nandu's has been in the forefront of embracing green practises and innovating with a future focus on meeting the evolving demands of conscientious consumers,” noted Pavangopal A, Chief Marketing Officer, Nandu's. Packaging is critical for brands to stand out in a congested marketplace. Eco-friendly packaging makes it easier for firms to communicate who they are and the values they uphold. At Nandu's, we work to ensure that everyone has access to fresh, healthy, and high-quality meat and meat products while also protecting the environment, people, and communities. Our motto is Planet Positive Carbon Negative.”

Nandu's is now Karnataka's only omni-channel, fully integrated farm-to-fork beef brand. The company offers retail and home delivery services via the company's e-commerce website, app, call centre orders, and popular e-commerce marketplaces.