Myprotein & Keventers partner to make healthier, protein-rich coffee alternatives

Myprotein & Keventers partner to make healthier, protein-rich coffee alternatives

Sports nutrition leader Myprotein has teamed up with India's legendary dairy brand Keventers to create a whey protein with a coffee flavour that's unlike anything else on the market. As a result of this cooperation, you can now enjoy a tasty, safe, and healthy whey protein flavour in your daily milkshake or smoothie drink without having to hit the gym or go on a strict diet.

Protein powder with coffee flavour was introduced to help people keep up their coffee drinking habit while also helping them get the daily recommended protein allowance. When it was incorporated into the legendary legacy dairy brand, it became more appealing to a broader audience.

The coffee-flavored whey protein from Myprotein will allow coffee-loving fitness fanatics to enjoy their smoothies and shakes without compromising their health as part of the company's mission to "Treat Without The Cheat."

"Myprotein believes in helping its customers to have a comprehensive healthy lifestyle," said Myprotein India when asked about their cooperation. In addition to our high-protein snack line, the launch of this new partnership taste will provide consumers with additional options, this time in the beverage sector. Smoothies, shakes, and unflavored protein pills can all be replaced with this tasty, healthier option. As a result, this is a terrific solution for fitness enthusiasts who aren't interested in building bulk or bulking up in any way.

According to Keventers Co-Founder and CMO Aman Arora, "We are happy to connect with a worldwide brand like Myprotein to develop a new product that brings the best of both brands together." he stated. Due to Keventers' long history of innovation in the food and beverage industry, we believe that this relationship will help us reach a new generation of consumers who aren't willing to trade taste for better health. Adding this unique mix to our menu represents a global shift toward healthier options for our customers."

There are two types of coffee-flavored whey protein isolate available, both of which are concentrated. Customers only need to add one scoop for a 21-gram protein boost to their smoothie or shake. One scoop of whey protein provides about a third of the daily protein needs for most people.