MPL partners Voodoo to launch popular gaming titles

MPL partners Voodoo to launch popular gaming titles

In collaboration with Voodoo, Mobile Premier League, Asia's largest esports and skill gaming platform, has announced the release of two new games, Helix Jump and Color Road. Voodoo, headquartered in Paris, is one of the world's largest hyper-casual developers and publishers, with over 5 billion total downloads. Helix Jump and Color Road are two of their most popular titles, with over 500 million downloads to date. This is the first time Voodoo has released a game with an Asian publisher. This collaboration was made possible by the use of the cutting-edge MPL developer SDK, which includes a slew of features. With this release, MPL users can continue to enjoy the best of hyper-casual games, which are simple to play and engaging.

With the developer Software Development Kit (SDK), any game developer can now publish and monetize their games on the MPL app, as well as host Esports events. The SDK also allows developers to enjoy a slew of advantages such as publishing games cross-continent with a single click, adding cash-rewards, and live streaming gaming sessions for a larger audience. The SDK supports a variety of gaming formats, including built-in tournaments, battles, and knockouts, allowing users to participate in a format of their choice.

At MPL, providing an exceptional user experience and fair play is of the utmost importance. MPL employs sophisticated machine learning models to understand the user skill level and match similar skill users for competition, ensuring a fair chance of winning the game. Furthermore, the SDK generates random numbers for each player in a match that are in the same sequence. This ensures that all players in a game are exposed to the same game elements. Fraud checks and encryption of gameplay data have been enabled in the same spirit of fairness. Furthermore, real-time ML models trained on millions of gameplays are used to weed out hackers/users attempting to manipulate the games. MPL's SDK also handles internet and data network fluctuations as well as user-initiated application disruptions seamlessly. This ensures that disconnections are kept to a minimum during gameplay.

Vibhav Viswanathan, Vice President, Developer Platform, MPL, commented on the launch, saying, "We are thrilled to be collaborating with Voodoo and providing our users with access to some of their most popular gaming titles via the MPL app. We have developed deep technological capabilities to enable seamless game-play at this scale, with over 90 million users playing every day. We are excited to provide these capabilities to any game developer and assist them in delivering best-in-class games while enjoying optimised engagement and revenue ".

Game developers can easily access the SDK by logging into the MPL Developer Console. Developers can use the console to benefit from the SDK's single build single integration for seamless game publishing. Developers must only maintain a single build across the Playstore/Appstore and the MPL app, reducing operational burden and ensuring a consistent user experience across multiple platforms.