Motorola launched networking products in India

Motorola launched networking products in India
Picture Courtesy : Motorola

Minim, Inc., the manufacturer of intelligent networking technologies sold under the Motorola name worldwide, announced today that the Motorola MH7020 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System is now available in India. Indian consumers will also receive a complimentary upgrade to the company's new mobile app, motosync, powered by Minim, as part of this launch. The Motorola MH7020 mesh system and motosync software work in tandem to provide great coverage, network security, performance, and control.

“At Motorola, we have always believed in delivering innovation that matters to consumers,” stated Mr. Prashanth Mani, Motorola Asia Pacific's Executive Director. “India has over 22 million broadband users and is continuously rising, despite a dearth of WiFi product alternatives. Indian consumers require more options for improving their home networks, and Motorola is a good solution because to its industry-leading technology, exceptional product quality, and superior performance. With class-leading hardware and the motosync software, which includes parental controls, data tracking, and advanced management features, we anticipate Motorola MH7020 to be a market leader in the India market.”

Unlike dual-band mesh systems, which might cause your WiFi devices to slow down, Motorola Whole Home WiFi with Intelligent Tri-Band technology uses a dedicated channel for WiFi backhaul, ensuring the highest possible Internet connections. The Motorola Whole Home WiFi System's high-power WiFi amplifiers give coverage of up to 5,000 square feet, eradicating WiFi dead zones throughout your home.

Motorola's MH7020 mesh system includes a mobile application dubbed MotoManage. Indian users will be prompted to a free upgrade to the new motosync app upon purchase and download, which includes lifetime access to premium features for a seamless and secure connected experience. The motosync app enables you to remotely monitor your home WiFi and:

  • Advanced threat detection and security alerts help you protect your network.
  • Prevent unauthorised devices from connecting to your network
  • Scan the network for speed and signal strength to optimise performance.
  • Parental controls can help you keep your family safe.

"Motorola MH7020 is the first integrated mesh WiFi system in the Indian market, combining high-quality Motorola hardware with a feature-rich motosync app powered by Minim at a reasonable price," said Mr. Srinivas R Nalla, Managing Director, Minim Asia Pvt. Ltd. "With its wide-range performance and the segment's greatest coverage area, our product can cover the majority of WiFi dead zones in Indian houses."

Motorola MH7020 is currently available on Amazon India and Flipkart for the following price: MH7020, (1-pack INR7,999): WiFi Router with Mesh Capability, Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, Quick Start Flyer, and MotoManageTM App with a Free Upgrade to motosync.

MH7022 (2-pack, INR13,999.00) includes 1 Whole Home WiFi Router, 1 Whole Home WiFi Satellite, 2 Power Adapters, 2 Ethernet Cables, Quick Start Flyer, MotoManageTM App with Free Upgrade to motosync, and Quick Start Flyer.

MH7023 (3-pack, INR19,999.00); contains 1 Whole-House WiFi Router, 2 Whole-House WiFi Satellites, 3 Power Adapters, 3 Ethernet Cables, Quick Start Flyer, MotoManageTM App with Free Upgrade to motosync.

India is the world's second-largest online market, with approximately 500 million internet users. India is ranked 70th out of 181 nations in terms of average fixed broadband speed, despite its vast and fast rising internet user population.