Minfy opens a new cloud centre of excellence in Hubli

Minfy opens a new cloud centre of excellence in Hubli

Minfy, a knowledge-driven company, uses a bionic approach in order to foster a symbiotic relationship with deep tech and humans. They assist enterprises in accelerating Digital Transformation, Cloud Adoption and Innovation. Minfy has developed synergies and clients in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Their cloud expertise is applicable to multiple industries, including BFSI and Education. Minfy, which has over 220 employees worldwide, has a solid track record. They have executed more than 450+ migrations and resolved 100s SMBs. They also won 20+ public sector wins. Their growth rate is 100% YOY since 2016.

Minfy, in keeping with its remote-first approach to technology, is proud to announce that the Cloud Centre of Excellence has been launched in Hubli (Karnataka). This is a significant milestone in Minfy’s Bionic journey. They came across Hubli while searching for the Cloud Centre of Excellence. The environment was attractive, and the growing talent pool is a major reason they chose it. Hubli is a Karnataka education center, especially for engineering institutions. The I.T. was a major investment by the Govt. Multiple tech companies are attracted to Hubli's infrastructure and landscape. Hubli is located close to major cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. It also houses the South Western Railway Zone headquarters. This area is well-known for its 'golden quadrilateral" of highway networks. Minfy is thrilled to have established operations in the area. Minfy hopes to make the Cloud Centre of Excellence an internationally recognized delivery centre that serves Minfy's customers with great efficiency.

Minfy is committed to harnessing talent. This is one of their key cultural values. Minfy sees their future growth as they work towards becoming fully operational. Minfy plans to add 100+ cloud experts to their 220 employees. Minfy's goal is to develop future leaders by recruiting, training, and grooming exceptional talent. Minfy has created a well-structured and enriching training program that will accelerate learning and development. It also plans to enable cloud certifications quickly. After the program is completed, talent will have many opportunities to work on various projects that cater to diverse clients in India and around the world. Minfy's ability to provide 24x7 operational resilience to customers worldwide, especially in the current climate of the pandemic, is being strengthened.

According to Ashoka Kumar Jain (MD), "We will continue investing in Hubli and expanding our operations there in an effort to expand the I.T. "This will create knowledge job opportunities for local talent and improve the I.T. landscape"

Dr. Atul B.Ayare, Principal (BLDEA’s V.P. Dr. P.G. Halakatti College of Engg. Tech. & Halakatti College of Engg.) "Minfy was a great partner of ours. The students are excited to take advantage of this huge opportunity to learn and master new technology. We are grateful for Minfy's creative and dedicated approach to building the talent of our institute in the corporate world. We are grateful to Minfy for their collaboration and look forward to many years of successful cooperation."