Middle Eastern dessert Kunafa is now avilable in The Baklava Box

Middle Eastern dessert Kunafa is now avilable in The Baklava Box

The Baklava Box is a gourmet confectionery enterprise established in Calcutta, the city of joy. Vatsal Agarwal founded it in 2019. The brand seeks to curate opulent gift boxes and trays using their extensive selection of handmade Baklavas, Flavored Dates, Kunafa, and Indian fusion sweets.

It was founded to meet an unsatisfied need for Mediterranean sweets, quality packaging, and an exclusive selection of sweets and gift boxes. The brand's devotion to Arabian culture inspired them to create the delectable delicacy, which is composed of filo, dried fruits, and honey.

It is one of the largest sellers of gourmet sweets in India. The firm has introduced Kunafa/Kanafeh, a popular Middle Eastern dessert. It is often stacked with nuts and created using shredded filo pastry that has been soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup. The brand offers a diverse selection of dessert collections.

Baklava is a layered pastry treat composed with filo pastry, chopped almonds, and syrup or honey. They come in a variety of flavours in Baklava. There is Almond Tart Baklava, Cashew Square Baklava, Cashew Tart, Midye Baklava, Finger and Mixed Tart, Mixed Tart, Pistachio Square, and Pyramid Baklava, among others. The Baklava Box specialises in exceptional presents for weddings, festivals, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Vatsal Agarwal, founder of The Baklava Box, stated, "I tried Baklava for the first time in Turkey and fell in love with it." I couldn't get authentic Baklavas in India, which is how I came up with the idea for 'The Baklava Box'. Our real premium baklavas are created by highly skilled chefs without the use of preservatives, chemicals, or artificial colourants. The public adores our gourmet sweets, and in less than two years, we have become the largest seller of Baklava in India.”