Microsoft and OYO partners to co-develop next-gen travel and hospitality products

Microsoft and OYO partners to co-develop next-gen travel and hospitality products

A strategic multi-year partnership has formed with OYO, the global travel technology firm, to co-develop goods and solutions for the future generation of travelling and hospitality. OYO will use Microsoft Azure as a cornerstone to driving cloud innovations and re-imagining tourism and hospitality.

The solutions will help small and medium-sized hotel and home shop managers. Microsoft has also invested strategically in OYO.

Small and independent hotels and residential owners worldwide will access the newest technologies from OYO to control the experience of their guests, improve revenue and operate smoothly with Microsoft Azure's safety and scalability.

The pandemic caused major changes in consumer behaviour, including preference for platforms that allow social distance, local travel, flexibility, speedy reservation and improved customer experience. This has speededed up the way small and medium-sized hotel enterprises work, leading to a range of pioneers and higher technology adoptions, shaping the future of hospitality.

"We are pleased to work with Microsoft to enhance business prospects for small and independent hotel-homes as well as reimagine travel experiences," says Abhinav Sinha, Chief Product Officer for Global OCO & OYo Hotels & Homes. The ~1.4–2.4X income bump for new hotels and residences which join the OYO network is part of our patron app ecosystem. We do so with our products, with the help of ML and AI, whether they perform millions of price optimisation daily to enhance their sales or enable consumers to book an OYO within seconds. We do so with our products. Our technologies and products assist our employers to generate operational efficiencies and continually enhance our visitors' experience. The Microsoft collaboration will speed up the distribution of our goods into the hands of small businesses we work with so that we may have an even greater influence on businesses in the far ends of the planet via an integrated technological ecosystem that is cloud-based. This agreement will provide our guests with a greater degree of personalisation, better choices, new experiences and better experience. The dedication of Microsoft is further reinforced by the company's stock investment."

OYO develops Smart Room experiences, such as premium and personalised room experience, for its guests, for travellers on the OYO platform as part of this cooperation. Using the Azure IoT of Microsoft, automatic check-in includes an IOT-controlled smart locken and virtual help, which is backed by the Digital Register of arrivals and departures.

"We are looking forward to driving innovation in travel and accommodation in combining Azure's capabilities with the technology and the product stack of OYO," says Microsoft India's President Anant Maheshwari. "It's thrilling to watch how the Microsoft cloud enables digital indigenous people like OYO to speed up industry change and innovation and turn the post-pandemic issues into opportunities for the future."

The collaboration comprises the two companies' profound technological participation. In order to improve cooperation and productivity, OYO will also begin to share existing workloads with Microsoft Azure, adopt the Microsoft 365 suite and move to the Github Enterprise for safe and secure acceleration of technological development. The company also works on many products to make OYO's technology worldwide readily available to the customer.