partners with BMS Fit Club partners with BMS Fit Club, South India's fastest growing online pharmacy and eHealth store, has partnered with BMS Fit Club to expand its reach in remote management of lifestyle-related chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. Both of them collaborate to develop a programme to combat diabetes.

Uday Lakshmi, Co-Founder, BMS Fit Club, commented, "Backed by the MetroMedi team of specialist doctors and health coaches, the BMS Fit Club's remote and virtual management will offer seamless and real-time assistance for diabetic patients' nutrition, lifestyle, and medication adherence."

Around 80 million individuals in India are diabetic, while another 75 million are pre-diabetic. It is a leading cause of a number of fatal health issues, necessitating regular monitoring and regulation. has partnered with BMS Fit Club to aid in the fight against diabetes, according to Founder Dilip C Byra.

Satyanarayana Vaddi, MetroMedi's Board Advisor and Chief Growth Officer, stated, "At, we are committed to ensuring that our entire team works 24*7*365 to ensure that every citizen of India receives the fastest and most reliable health services possible, as our goal is to keep a check on health." Consumer demands are pushing a shift toward patient-centered care delivery across geographies and socioeconomic categories, which is why this collaboration has occurred. We are expanding across India, and our team is actively pursuing this goal.”

Diabetes is a Lifestyle Disease, and the longer we ignore it, the more havoc it wreaks on our bodies, eventually affecting our internal organs. Changes in lifestyle and a balanced diet can assist in recovery. If an individual is unsure how to manage it, they can contact the MetroMedi team for assistance.

Consultations are virtual and simple, taking no more than 45 minutes to comprehend and implement solutions from our BMS Fit Club. can assist you in managing your diabetes more effectively through the provision of suitable advice.

MetroMedi is preparing to attain the same top lines as our competitors who have 3000 locations with only 100 locations by more efficiently bundling online and offline operations via the use of technology and human connection. In the Unicorn voyage of MetroMedi. The concept of 100 brick-and-mortar stores serving as fulfilment facilities is critical, since the Hybrid Model will bolster online sales. For additional information, please visit

BMS began with the goal of rehabilitating persons with lifestyle issues through an easy-to-follow regimen. It began primarily as an obesity treatment programme. Due to the program's detailed design, we addressed a few doctors to explain how we may help their patients with metabolic diseases achieve holistic health. Certain physicians began referring us medical situations involving metabolic issues if they believed their patients might improve with our assistance.