Medesun Healthcare mulls online training to harness talent pool of ‘Health Information Management’ professionals

Medesun Healthcare mulls online training to harness talent pool of ‘Health Information Management’ professionals
  • Medesun Healthcare Solutions mulls online strategy to build a strong pool of coding experts 
  • Keen to harness Indian talent to power back-end global healthcare work
  • Medesun plans to empower youth across Tier II & III centers through online training 

Healthcare infrastructure and all related support activities has been stretched globally beyond comprehension owing to COVID 19. Trained resources to manage healthcare has been in short supply and this scenario has affected even backend operations, which is a very vital component to ensure seamless operations of healthcare chain. 

Even while all-out effort is being made to scramble for solutions, outsourcing backend work is gaining prominence.  This is where the relevance of Health Information Management (HIM) assumes great importance. For, HIM to be a successful tool, electronic health record is a prerequisite and as a natural corollary medical coding is imperative. A robust HIM ensures efficiency across the healthcare chain, thereby bringing in innumerable benefits including Data Analytics; Collaborative Care and Cost control. 

Internationally HIM has become a significant apparatus in overseeing medical services, while in India it is still at an incipient stage. For Indian medical services to become strong & effective, HIM could be a significant apparatus and an arrangement choice by focal and state governments will just clear way for this.

Meanwhile, even as global HIM opportunities are knocking Indian doors, the irony is that there are not enough manpower resources available to handle the exploding workload. 

In this pandemic, with formal study hall instruction getting influenced, the best way to tidy up prepared medical services assets to oversee HIM is online schooling and training.  This is probably going to be a mutually beneficial arrangement both for industry and understudies seeking to become HIM experts. The web based preparing may end up being a major aid for understudies who have recently finished graduation and contemplating their best course of action as until now customary open positions are contracting inferable from pandemic and lockdowns.  

Against this backdrop, Hyderabad-based Medesun Healthcare Solutions is aggressively leveraging online channel to create a pool of trained HIM professionals to meet the burgeoning demand-supply gap. Medesun, renowned globally as a problem solving and results driven HIM focussed company, has crafted a strategy to build a strong pool of coding experts to power the global healthcare community.

According to Dr. Santosh Kumar Guptha, Trainer/Author, Founder & CEO, Medesun Healthcare Solutions, “Health Information Management (HIM) is a skill intensive industry and has acute shortage of qualified coding specialists who can simplify the rather complex medical coding and billing procedure”. Also, he pointed out, “Coding allows statistical analysis of diseases and treatments, diagnosis-related group reimbursement, and easier observance and tracking of epidemics or pandemic events”.

Commenting on another advantage of HIM, he pointed out, organizations are increasingly adopting to remote coding processes as it helps them save both time and money. The remote coding process involves sending a patient’s medical records through a secure method to a remote clinical coding facility in client place, or by allowing the staff to securely access the electronic record. The medical records are then reviewed and coded,” he detailed. 

Further, elaborating on HIM, Dr. Santosh said, HIM process revolves around acquiring, analysing and protecting digital & traditional medical information vital in providing quality patient care. It is a combination of business, science and information technology. The goal of International Fellowship Program in HIM offered by Medesun is to train next generation of HIM Professionals devoted to Healthcare analysis. Hence, the program is designed and structured to provide not only comprehensive training but also a rigorous practical experience to prepare fellows for careers as skilled medical coders, billers and HIM professionals.

According to Dr. Santosh, HIM professionals typically organize & analyse healthcare data; accurately record, store & assess health data; and they are typically skilled in statistical analysis, database management, biomedical sciences and a range of other technical competencies. To succeed in this field, professionals should also excel in logical thinking, communication and organizational processes. Also, he added, health information managers are responsible for information governance, or ensuring enterprise-wide health data integrity, privacy and security.

Realising the industry need, Medesun has structured online training that offers comprehensive HIM course aimed at creating a talent pool of skilled healthcare coders. The course includes:

  • International Classification of Disease, for Diagnosis Coding – ICD 10 
  • Current Procedural Terminology, for Procedures Coding - CPT
  • HCPCS for Drugs and Supplies Coding 
  • HIPAA Compliance-Healthcare Laws

As part of the training module, Medesun provides 6 months’ access to training portal, and hundreds of practice question papers. Finally, on successful completion of the course, a Certificate from Medesun Healthcare Solutions, LLC, USA, will be given. 

Medesun’s online training will be led by Dr. Santosh Kumar Kutha, a world record holder with 42 certifications in medical coding, billing and HIM.  He is a pioneer of medical coding, ICD-10-AM and HIMAA certified, with over 20 years of industry experience. He will be supported by a team of globally renowned qualified trainers.

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