Maxima launches Max Pro X6 smartwatch with bluetooth calling

Maxima launches Max Pro X6 smartwatch with bluetooth calling

Indian watchmaker Maxima Watches has just introduced its new smartwatch, the Max Pro X6, to the market. The cutting-edge smartwatch has a metallic case with a glossy ceramic back and a slew of features that will appeal to those who value style and quality. For a limited time, Maxima Max Pro X6 is available at a discounted introductory price of Rs. 3999.

An great watching experience is guaranteed even on the sunniest of days with the watch's 400 Nit HD screen, which ensures that no problems with seeing occur.

The Max Pro X6 sports a built-in microphone and a high-definition speaker, as well as Bluetooth calling. There are hundreds of hours of research and development that went into making the greatest audio and mic receptions possible with Maxima. In addition, the company has worked hard to eliminate call-dropping problems for the benefit of its customers.

Featuring a high-performance Realtek processor, Maxima's newest smartphone gives customers the option of using either a honeycomb or list-style user interface, depending on their tastes. Additionally, users can add their preferred contacts to the partnering app so that they can be contacted directly from the wristwatch.

A sleep monitor and continuous heart rate monitor are included in the watch for individuals who wish to keep tabs on their health. Using the Da Fit app, you can accurately track your movements, get an idea of how much you sleep, and see how much you exercise.

Max Pro X6 comes with the Assured "X-Care" Policy where customers register their watch with maxima on their website, and Maxima is well-known for its unmatched after-sales service. After registering, users will receive frequent software updates, as well as access to a Toll-Free support representative and a Live one-on-one video service room where they can ask questions about the watch's features. Should an issue arise, Maxima will work with their service logistic partner to arrange for a smart watch to be picked up and delivered to your home.

Maxima Watches' Managing Partner Manjot Purewal stated of the revolutionary smartwatch's launch, "We are happy to announce the launch of our most advanced smartwatch, The Max Pro X6 with Bluetooth calling capabilities. " When it came to the X6, our major goal was to create a wonderful smartwatch with outstanding calling capabilities. We worked relentlessly on it during development. As a result, we spared no expense in ensuring that the X6's speaker and microphone are among the best in the market for our intended audience.

Additionally, we've improved our software to ensure that no calls will be dropped when you're on the line or making or receiving them." With this product we have achieved both style and performance, and I am convinced it will meet our clients' needs," he added.