Little Laureates pre-school programmes facilitate holistic development of values, life skills and etiquette in Kids

Little Laureates pre-school programmes facilitate holistic development of values, life skills and etiquette in Kids

Little Laureates is among the most renowned pre-school brands of Nalanda Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.. Its foundation was set in 2012 in West Bengal from love for kids, and today it has appeared as an eminent pre-primary education supplier with a PAN-India virtual existence. Since India's first virtual electronic pre-school, Small Laureates has over 2000 students coming from different parts of the nation. Furthermore, Little Laureates implements interactive learning through live classroom teaching, whiteboard, videos, games, etc..

In response to a question related to Small Laureates, the spokesperson through a meeting stated, "We at Little Laureates have always envisioned developing quality and encouraging learning environment for students, creating job opportunities and enabling women and developing quality educators. With this outlook, we have grown phenomenally in the last few decades. We began with only 1 college, and the number has gone up to 100 universities across southern India. For adapting study and holistic development requirements of kids across India during the pandemic, we created the first-ever digital pre-school that is offering the best online classes for nursery students, junior KG and senior KG pupils"

Kids aged 3-6 years can be a part of an end-to-end learning curriculum available at this virtual platform. They could follow live classes, recorded classes and interactive sessions with teachers for learning in their pace. The second option doesn't demand a mentor's supervision.

The spokesperson added, "Our online learning stage boasts characteristics that make virtual learning convenient and rewarding for children, in addition to their parents. Virtual courses can be availed using special login credentials, and we provide along with a mentor. Together with the login credentials, students may access varying learning resources, including animated videos, worksheets, interactive games and recorded classes. Parents may also be provided with their private credentials, which they may use for viewing and accessing the advancement and development of the ward. They can check their child's attendance, weekly schedule, section and join with the teachers and admin office regarding online fee payment."

When the majority of the pre-schools focus just on teaching kids to read, write and recite, Little Laureates makes its students learn and do many more things. Kids learn to communicate, create, collaborate and think seriously at this leading pre-school. They're instructed to chase the hows and whys, build their own meanings and learn more about the area of language.