Limited edition Cadbury Dairy milk bars for unlimited celebrations

Limited edition Cadbury Dairy milk bars for unlimited celebrations

Mondelez India, the producer and baker of some of India's most popular snacking brands, including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Bournvita, and Oreo, announced the third version of the Madbury campaign. From encouraging consumers to 'Kaun banayega humari agli Cadbury' to inquiring, 'Kahaan Se Aayegi Hamari Agli Cadbury'? throughout the course of two successful seasons, India's struggle for Cadbury's next 'home wala' taste is underway. Madbury's new season, 2021, is enticing consumers with the slogan 'Cadbury ka naya taste banao, famous ho jao'.

"The Indian chocolate movement has exploded in the last several years," said Anil Viswanathan, senior director of marketing at Mondelez India. As Indians seek out new tastes and flavours, we've witnessed a growing interest for exotic and unique chocolate flavours. As a well-known brand for more than 70 years, we're continually seeking for new ways to engage our consumers by capitalising on current trends and preferences. Madbury was created as a campaign 'of the people, by the people, and for the people,' and has proven to be a very engaging platform, allowing our consumers to build their own version of their favourite Cadbury chocolate."

"The campaign enables us to develop our connections with our consumers year after year and invites them to engage on a deeper level with a brand they adore." We are overjoyed with the response to the last two editions. We've launched limited edition bars of the two Madbury 2020 winning flavours – Cadbury Dairy Milk Gulab Ae Khaas, a rose and almond blend, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chilly Orange, a fruity and spicy blend of orange and chilli – created by Susan Saldanha of Mangalore and Sakshi Srivastava of Lucknow, respectively. We're looking forward to seeing the innovative flavours that will emerge in Madbury 2021," he added.

The advertisement allows consumers to add a twist to their favourite chocolate. Following a successful start in 2019, the 2020 edition generated more than 1200 million impressions and engaged 2.3 million customers, with entries coming from more than 5000 locations. Chai, Kulfi, Banana, Fudge, and Salted caramel were among the most popular flavours submitted, demonstrating the diverse range of desi 'home-wala' inventions.

Consumers chose the final two winning flavours following an exhaustive shortlisting process led by a panel of experts and celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor. The winning flavours will be promoted via digital films, outdoor advertising, and print. The limited-edition bars have already begun to appear on store shelves and online.

The third edition of Madbury is expected to be larger than the previous two, with 25% more ingredients available for consumers to experiment with. To increase consumer access to Madbury 2021, in addition to existing platforms such as the Madbury Website ( and Jio Engage, the contest has been integrated into two additional platforms – WhatsApp and the Airtel Thanks App. From September to November, consumers can submit their entries, with the winners being announced in August 2022.