Light this Diwali with Cow dung herbal lamp

Light this Diwali with Cow dung herbal lamp

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, came up with a creative idea to illuminate the Diwali festival using locally accessible raw materials in order to empower women in Uttarakhand's villages. To test the theory, the KVK worked with Smt. Sita Bhatt of Charba Village, Vikasnagar Block, Dehradun District to conduct experiments including the construction of Diyas utilising Cow Dung and plants.

Cow Dung is sun-dried and bonded with a small proportion of fine soil to create these one-of-a-kind Diyas. We dried, powdered finely, and mixed in a variety of locally available leaves to give fragrance to Diyas like Neem, Lantana, Lemon Grass, and Tulsi, as well as other herbs and spices. The prepared dough was formed into Diyas after it had been completely blended to produce a uniform composition.

After drying, the Diyas were painted with natural pigments such as Geru, which transformed them into a stunning array of hues for the eyes. To make them herbal and eco-friendly, the turmeric and thin paste of ground rice were also utilised to design Diyas. To make lighting the Diyas easier, wax was substituted for the original oil.

Herbal Diyas are preferred over Clay Diyas because of their uniqueness: they are made with Cow Dung and natural herbs that diffuse a pleasant scented fragrance. You can make herbal ash from the leftovers, which you can then use as a spray on plants to get rid of pests. After a few days, unburned Diyas put in cultivated fields act as manures.

A training session was held by the KVK in the final week of July 2020. Fifty farm women have received training thus far. KVK-trained Smt. Bhatt has prepared over 50,000 Diyas with and without wax while earning over Rs. 70,000 in this season's competitions alone. At the Kumbh Mela in Uttarakhand, she served her decorative Diyas, which were inspired by her Diyas.

Smt. Bhatt has trained over 100 women and young girls from several communities, including seven members of the Self-Help Groups.

Herbal Diyas can be a fantastic option to light up this Diwali because of the health advantages they provide from the natural elements they contain.