India's youngest-ever deputy chef de mission Arhan Bagati is all set to make a Debut at the Tokyo Paralympics

India's youngest-ever deputy chef de mission Arhan Bagati is all set to make a Debut at the Tokyo Paralympics

India's youngest-ever deputy chef de missionArhan Bagati to lead the country's Paralympics Tokyo first-ever team of athletes, he is fully prepared. The 22 year-old Liberal Arts Graduate from Pomona College, USA is the Paralympics Ambassador since 2015. He is also the youngest Deputy chef de mission in the world at Tokyo Paralympics.

Arhan Bagati is the previous founder of the 'InRio'App, which helped Indian Paralympic Athletes identify locations that are easily reachable to them. This included restaurants, toilets, movie theatres and public parks. He developed another app, "The Next App" in 2020.IndTokyo'To help the Indian Paralympic Athletes travel for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. We provide information on diet and nutrition, as well as places to see in Tokyo.

His efforts to support the Paralympics, sports and paralympics movement in India have been ongoing for a long time. Arhan met Milkha Singh in Delhi in 2014. He was a huge track and field champion. It was this encounter that inspired him to support para-athletes as they journey to the Olympics. Paralympic Committee of India managed and organized 'Run For Development Eventually becoming the in 2014 Ambassadors for Awareness & Impact' of Paralympic Committee of India 2015.

The youngster is also responsible for the success of Varun and Mariyappa Thangavelu's para-athletes. Varun was sponsored by his entire pocket money. Mariyappan was awarded the gold medal and Varun Singh Bhatti won the bronze medal at Rio Paralympic Games.

Arhan bagati was awarded the "Best of" award for his accomplishments.Honourable Service, Dedication and Valuable Contribution in the Paralympic movement for India'At the 16th Senior National Para Athletic Championship 2016. His commitment to empowering differently-abled folks led him to establish as a public service website for people with disabilities living in Delhi-NCR.

Arhan believes that academics are able to facilitate debates, discussions, as well as decision-making in policy issues. KYARI, the Kashmir's Yumberzal Applied Research Institute, was created by Arhan to do Applied Research on a wide array of topics that can impact Jammu and Kashmir's civic and other issues.

Arhan Bagati has arrived in Tokyo with his para-athletes. Arhan stated that the team is high in morale and they expect to take home a dozen gold medals. This would be India's best performance ever at the Paralympics.