India is the country MOST interested in gold price!

India is the country MOST interested in gold price!

India is the most interested country in gold prices, with an average of 3,720,600 monthly searches from Indians looking online for information about the price.

This is equivalent to 4.92 monthly online searches for gold price per 1000 active internet users in India.

United States (2.506,000 online searches), United Arab Emirates (5221,000 online searches), and United Kingdom (519.300 online searches are some of the countries that have more than 500,000 monthly online searches for gold price.

South Africa is Africa's only country to make it into the top 20. There are on average 65,200 searches per month by South Africans looking for gold price.

Many people are seeking stability in their investments amid a volatile economy, largely due to Covid-19. Gold has become a popular choice., a specialist in gold bars, used Ahrefs online analytics tool to determine which countries are keeping the most track of gold prices. discovered that India ranks number one with an astounding average of 3,720,000.600 monthly online searches from Indians looking for the gold price. This is equivalent to 120,019 online searches per day!

This is equivalent to 4.92 monthly online searches for gold price per 1000 active internet users in India.

The United States is second, with an average of 2,506,000 searches per month from Americans looking for the gold price.

United Arab Emirates (UAE), is third with an average of 521,000 monthly online searches from curious Emiratis about the gold price.

Fourth place goes to the United Kingdom, where an average of 519 300 online searches per month are made by Brits looking for the price of gold.

Canada (381 400) and Australia (348 9900) are two other countries that have more than 300,000. These searches are performed by those who monitor the gold price. They rank fifth and sixth, respectively.

The 20th place is Bangladesh. There are an average 33,950 monthly online searches from Bangladeshis who are interested in the gold price.

Dan Fisher, a Gold Specialist from, answers five of the most frequently asked questions about gold investing:

Q: Is gold an investment that is worth it?

A: Gold is not volatile and can generate rapid returns. It has been a stable investment vehicle that can provide solid returns as a medium- to long-term investment. The unique thing about gold investing is that the price tends increase when other asset classes like stocks and bonds fall. This provides a great balance to your investment portfolio.

Q: What is the process of gold investment?

A: "The idea behind gold investing is that gold's underlying value increases over time. This rate of growth is greater than inflation historically, so your investment will increase in real terms. You can invest in gold by purchasing physical bars and coins, gold equity fund, mining shares, or exchange-traded money (ETFs).

Q: What is your top tip for beginners?

A: Gold investing follows the same rules as buying investments at a low price and then selling them at a higher value. Holding gold does not earn interest, so the only thing that makes you money is capital appreciation. When the economy is in decline, gold prices tend to rise. Other investments also fall in value. It's possible for the gold price to fall as well as rise, so it is advisable to keep the gold for a medium- to long-term period.

Q: Which is better? Gold or stocks?

A: "A mix of stocks and gold is the best. Both investments can increase or decrease in value. Stocks can drop to zero if a company goes under, but physical gold will never lose its intrinsic value. Stocks fall and gold tends to rise, so they have an inverted relationship.

Q: Should I buy gold bars or gold coins?

A: For most people, coins are better than gold bars. You can sell smaller parts of your holdings more easily with coins and they are easier to sell at higher prices. The same as smaller bars being cheaper per gram, larger gold coins can be bought in bulk to get price discounts.