Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2021 : Showroom for new culinary perspectives

Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2021 : Showroom for new culinary perspectives

Hong Kong's annual gourmet spectacular has long been the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). This year, the festival is riding high on the city's recovery, with a month-long celebration in November that will include both digital and physical events. This festival will serve as a strong message to foodies worldwide that Hong Kong will remain a top dining destination in the post-COVID era.

The pandemic's interruptions have not stopped the city's ambitious desires. Despite the uncertainties, a slew of new restaurants have debuted in the last year, adding diversity and vitality to the already diverse and lively food and beverage scene.

As a "Showroom of New Culinary Perspectives," this year's festival will feature a variety of energising experiences, including an innovative elevation of Chinese cuisine, an inspiring lineup of online masterclasses, and a roster of bright and bold F&B personalities, shining a light on some of the brilliant minds reshaping Hong Kong's dining landscape.

A New Era in the History of Bartending

Cocktail connoisseurs and green lifestyle enthusiasts should not miss Agung Prabowo's "Sustainable Cocktail" online workshop, which will be held by the Penicillin bar, which was named Asia's 50 Best Sustainable Bar in 2021. The prize honours Prabowo and his partners' innovation and work in decreasing waste and lowering the bar's carbon footprint. For example, potato peels and extra bread and cheese are recycled into bar snacks; these are imaginative solutions to reduce waste that are re-infused into new spirits.

A New Taste of Chinese Cuisine

Notable is "Chinese Omakase by Masterchefs," an innovative and out-of-the-box Chinese fine dining experience. This concept is partly based on the classic omakase-style, in which the chef directs the meal fully at his or her discretion, allowing the chef creative freedom while still providing the customer with a memorable dining experience. The programme will be led by eighteen master chefs from renowned Chinese restaurants throughout the city, who will demonstrate their mastery of methods and innovations. Chef Chan Yan Tak of Michelin 3-starred Lung King Heen, for example, will take diners on a tasting journey from sea to sky, while Chef Jayson Tang of Michelin 1-starred Man Ho Restaurant has created an innovative menu meticulously curated around the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

New Vitality to Rejuvenate Hong Kong's Dining Scene

A strong lineup of up-and-coming culinary stars will be highlighted as part of the effort to recognise the city's trendsetting talent. Chef Sandy Keung, with her brand Good BBQ, is one of the few female players in the male-dominated siu mei (roasted meats) sector. Additionally, she owns a cutting-edge seafood restaurant that utilises an innovative ozone-depuration technology.