Hexagon teams up with CMTI to support India's push for smart manufacturing

Hexagon teams up with CMTI to support India's push for smart manufacturing

Hexagon has partnered with India's Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) to develop a Smart Manufacturing Development and Demonstration Cell (SMDDC), as well as an Industry 4.0 Center of Excellence and Experience Center, on the CMTI's Bengaluru campus. Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division will contribute products, services, and know-how to the SMDDC's deployment and operation through this collaboration.

This initiative supports the "Make in India" mission under the purview of the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises' Smart Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub (SAMARTH) Udyog initiative.

The SMDDC is envisioned as a Common Engineering Facility Center dedicated to promoting and assisting the rapidly increasing Indian manufacturing industry in adopting Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing techniques.

"This is a timely move to enable Indian business, particularly MSMEs, to experiment with and implement Industry 4.0 technologies in order to improve their quality, productivity, and efficiency while being cost effective," stated Dr. Nagahanumaiah, Director, CMTI. "We are happy to partner with Hexagon as our ambition of establishing a smart manufacturing facility and demonstration centre as part of the SAMARTH Udyog initiative comes to life. We'd want to invite Indian design and manufacturing firms to visit and learn about smart manufacturing and how it may assist them meet their unique requirements."

"We believe that this project will contribute significantly to indigenous research and development of cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology through Industry 4.0, as well as to the development of the necessary expertise for smart manufacturing in India," said Sridhar Dharmarajan, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence, India. "We are honoured to partner with CMTI and are fully dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology."

Hexagon will collaborate with CMTI to develop a Smart Factory Demonstrator with a Digital Twin for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, showcasing CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and additive manufacturing. The Smart Factory Demonstrator, built on Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory platforms, shows the latest manufacturing technology for various industries. The Demonstrator will focus on modular and adaptable solution designs that enable smaller enterprises to experiment and scale according to their needs. It consists of a powerful research and training platform that makes use of a portion of CMTI's existing manufacturing infrastructure.

MSC Software struck a similar partnership with the government-supported IIT Delhi-AIA Foundation for Smart Manufacturing (FSM) in September 2019 to promote smart manufacturing adoption among India's Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Hexagon's digital twin technologies enable businesses to digitally transform manufacturing processes by seamlessly linking data from multiple sources and bringing the real and CAE worlds together to drive continuous improvement. Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division provides solutions that make manufacturing smarter by leveraging data from design and engineering, production, and metrology.