Hafele launched Vauth Sagel pull-out storage solutions

Hafele launched Vauth Sagel pull-out storage solutions

With rising real estate prices and shrinking living spaces, the demand for innovative home designs becomes critical. At Häfele, we strive to maximise usefulness within the confines of available space in order to provide you, our customer, with'more life per metre square'. We continue to study 'The Kitchen' and spend a great deal of time creating novel solutions that optimise space in every nook and cranny of a kitchen without sacrificing 'functionality.

Häfele gives you some visually appealing inventions from the house of Vauth Sagel that will go the extra mile to maximise the utilisation of space in your kitchen – whether it's an underutilised corner, wasted gaps beneath your countertop, or blind corners that leave no or little room for cabinet access.

Narrow Base Cabinets: A kitchen's foundation is its base cabinet. What occurs beneath the countertop is just as critical as what occurs on top. Whether it's food or cooking utensils, cutlery or plates, whether it's for a modest studio apartment or a contemporary loft, Vauth Sagel's Base Cabinet Solutions by Häfele are intelligent, versatile, and adaptable to simplify daily living. The VS SUB Slim and SUB Side are great for storing bottles, spice jars, baking trays, and cleaning rags in a compact cabinet (150 - 300 mm wide cabinets). If your kitchen has a nook, it can now be used to maximise storage space.

Tall Cabinets: An exquisite tall cabinet serves as the entry point to a happy kitchen life. As a food storage cabinet or a convenient storage solution for kitchen utensils, it greatly contributes to enhanced productivity and a higher quality of life.

Due to its segmented storage idea, Vauth Sagel's VS TAL® Gate Pro by Häfele is a miracle of usability. Large containers can be stored in the back of the pantry, while smaller containers can be stored in the door racks, allowing for increased storage and organisation. Not only does the system provide ample storage space, but it also fits all of the requirements for a convenient storage space solution.

The VS TAL Gate provides the best kitchen perspectives. Designed for optimum storage capacity and ease of access, it redefines convenience and design. It is distinguished by an automatic opening mechanism that propels the stored items toward the user in one motion, allowing an excellent overview.

Every kitchen requires a touch of luxury. Häfele's VS TAL Larder Spin provides convenience and extra value; the front can be extended and fully spun to the left or right, providing for easy access to stored things.

Corner Cabinets: A corner cabinet is not just a cabinet that is positioned in a corner. Vauth Sagel has developed cabinet solutions that not only maximise the use of angled areas, but also place the corner squarely in the centre of the kitchen experience. As a result, previously invisible perspectives in the kitchen become visible, allowing people to engage with space in novel ways.

Häfele's Cornerstone Maxx transforms inconvenient corner space into an amazing storage asset. Large-area shelving has been designed to extend straight from the cabinet, providing for maximum convenience without jeopardising access to adjacent units. Straight-extending kinematics with energy storage assistance, floating design, and easy installation - as a consequence, your kitchen receives a boost in every way.

VS COR Fold is the most cost-effective option among traditional corner cabinets. The front baskets swing out smoothly and fluidly, making it simple to reach the rear baskets, which automatically move forward into the front area of the device. The integrated self-closing damping element ensures that the pull-out closes quietly and effortlessly.