Growth through transparency - A way forward for gigital advertising : Nielsen

Growth through transparency - A way forward for gigital advertising : Nielsen

Apple and Firefox modified their browser settings in recent months to phase out third-party cookie monitoring, while Google stated its aim to do the same within two years. While these changes are intended to help consumers, they unintentionally create a climate in which marketers have less objective information into the audiences that see their advertising on applications, platforms, and websites—especially if publishers' and advertisers' use cases are not addressed. Without an impartial viewpoint, market confidence in digital advertising may suffer significantly.

Building trust through disruption is in our DNA at Nielsen. In response to the advent of the first national broadcasters in 1950, we developed the first TV ratings. As viewing became more dispersed, we pioneered approaches for correcting biases in massive data sources so that they could be used in our media panels. Today, we are innovating to measure digital and streaming and developing a new measuring paradigm in order to preserve the common market.

All of these instances have one thing in common: transparency is critical to unlocking growth. Digital media contributes to an ecosystem that connects individuals all over the world. To continue growing, the market need assurance that the measurement on which it relies is neutral, created with a fundamental respect for consumer privacy, and can withstand the next decade of media innovation.

Here are three measures we're launching to guarantee Nielsen measurement remains a source of openness in digital advertising:

The new media measuring model. Measuring the future of digital advertising necessitates the use of approaches and technology that do not rely on cookies or other kinds of shared digital identity. We're collaborating with major connected TV players to track who sees adverts on their platforms. Nielsen, for example, has been collaborating closely with Google to ensure that our YouTube measurement is available to marketers via Google's Ads Data Hub environment. These key measures, and others like them, ensure that Nielsen will continue to deliver transparency to a dynamic industry.

Innovation centred on privacy. We are working hard to place privacy at the centre of our design needs and methodology as our digital advertising measurement improves. We are working on new algorithms, models, and deduplication procedures that take into consideration consumer preferences for how data is collected and used on a local level. This is now a must-have feature for all products. We will design solutions that provide deeper insight into how advertising impact reach and outcomes across platforms, with privacy at the forefront of product development.

A collection of truths for cross-platform media. The role of truth sets in media grows dramatically as media fragments and hurdles to direct measurement increase. Nielsen is extending the devices and sources we cover to provide cross-site and cross-platform reach, frequency, and ROI analytics through investments in our media panels. This encompasses both sample-based and census-based data collection. We are working hard to broaden our measuring coverage to reflect the diversity of what people listen to, watch, and read around the world.

Once again, our industry must choose between growing through openness and contracting due to market fragmentation. Nielsen believes that it is entirely feasible to have both consumer privacy and market fairness—and we are committed to ensuring that it does.