GoodDot launches UnMutton keema

GoodDot launches UnMutton keema

The plant-based GoodDot UnMutton keema replaces the classic mutton keema. The flavour, scent, and texture are all identical to keema. Keeping keema connoisseurs in mind, firm researchers and developers created a product that lives up to their high standards.

Aside from the mouth-watering flavour, the product's nutritional value is also excellent. It's free of cholesterol and packed with protein and fibre. Everything you need to prepare the delectable keema is included in the starter package. The real vegan keema is ready to serve in about 20 minutes after following the simple steps included in the packaging.

Abhishek Sinha, CEO, and Deepak Parihar, CFO, launched the company in 2016 in Udaipur. They've developed a system that mimics chicken, mutton, and even eggs in terms of flavour, texture, and appearance using plant-based ingredients. There's a demand for a more inexpensive, humane, and environmentally friendly way to produce food to feed the world's population. This has always been the company's overarching goal, and they want to do just that with their latest offering.

With its plant-based meat products made from just vegetarian ingredients and a wide range of vegetarian meat substitutes, the company aims to raise the bar for plant-based cuisine. There are currently manufacturing facilities in Udaipur, Rajasthan, where the company's food is produced and distributed around the world. A hundred thousand meals a day are served by the company's many vegan product lines. Their purpose in life is to spread compassion for animals through their actions.

The startup is changing the way food is produced in the future while also giving you a tasty and humane option. The company's flagship goods have recently been released in Canada, Dubai, Nepal, South Africa, Mauritius, and Singapore, according to the company's recent announcements. In the near future, they hope to bring their products to the United States and Europe as well. GoodDo, the company's subsidiary, already operates fast service restaurants in places such as Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur, and Kathmandu.

"Team GoodDot is dedicated to delivering meat-free options that are tasty, healthy, and economical. We're confident that our newest product, the 'UnMutton keema,' meets all of your expectations. We hope our amazing offering will be loved by customers in the same way that we enjoyed creating it for their culinary delight," said Sinha.