Godrej Locks introduces 'Godrej Value Co-creators Club'

Godrej Locks introduces 'Godrej Value Co-creators Club'

Godrej & Boyce, the Godrej Group's flagship brand, announced the creation of the 'Godrej Value Co-creators Club' (GVCC), a first-of-its-kind project for the Architects and Interior Designers (AID) community. The programme is centred on giving unique member perks and providing help with design-thinking insights to drive innovation, while also soliciting input from the AID Community to ensure that the proper product offers and solutions are delivered to end users, clients, and partners.

The Godrej Value Co-creators Club concept aims to empower the AID community by involving them in the decision-making process while building commercial spaces and homes. The GVCC initiative aims to generate co-creation possibilities and raise awareness of Godrej Locks & Architectural fittings and systems, which cater to industries such as hospitality, healthcare, corporate offices, and information technology.

The Company's goal with GVCC is to develop strong relationships with AIDs through constant involvement. This will facilitate the open flow of information, allowing for the incorporation of their feedback while planning new product development and ensuring a better awareness of market trends. To maintain involvement with the AID community as part of the GVCC programme, Godrej Locks will provide periodic webinars on design trends and inspirations, with an emphasis on various cities and their design preferences. Additionally, the Company will launch a recognition programme to recognise the contributions of architects/designers and an annual awards ceremony dubbed 'The GeeVees' to honour the brightest brains in the architecture world.

GLAFS hosted a unique webinar on 'Unlocking Futuristic Designs' with a panel discussion on Envisioning Spaces in the New Normal to kick-start the curriculum and involve the AID community. Sumisha Gilotra, Editor at Architect and Interiors India, moderated the webinar, which featured an illustrious panel of speakers, including Shyam Motwani, EVP & Business Head at Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems, Sanjay Puri, Principal Architect at Sanjay Puri Architects, Nandini Somaya Sampat, Director, Somaya & Kalappa Consultants (SNK), and Sumessh The debate centred on how the pandemic shifted the emphasis toward building adaptable places, inadvertently unlocking limitless possibilities for the AID community when conceptualising future venues.

Shyam Motwani, EVP & Business Head at Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems, commented on the launch of the Godrej Value Co-creators Club, saying, "Because the AID community has been an integral part of our business, it is critical that we continue to support them on their growth journey. We have collaborated with architects on numerous projects, but this is the first time we have launched a programme of this nature to foster synergy by pooling their experience and skills under one roof. The Godrej Value Co-creators Club is a programme in which we intend to combine our brand's thought leadership with the creativity of our AIDs in order to generate better value for our end consumers, clients, and partners. The goal of this effort is to quadruple the contribution of this AID community over the next four years."

According to a survey of the webinar's 230+ participants, 78 percent of AID community clients desire that locking solutions be integrated into home design. Additionally, 98% of the AID community believes it is critical to incorporate locking options into home design. Architects and designers can significantly contribute to a project's achievement of its safety objectives. These discussions highlighted the critical nature of how include safety considerations in design criteria may provide value to any project, particularly when creating places in the new normal.

According to Sanjay Puri, principal architect of Sanjay Puri Architects, "Due to the pandemic, homes have been transformed into workstations, classrooms, and playgrounds, and it is critical to anticipate the diverse demands that our clients will have in the future when visualising space design. Now that we are spending an increasing amount of time at home and sharing that restricted space with our cohabitants, we must focus on optimising existing space and developing futuristic homes in the new normal."

Sumessh Menon, Founder and President of Sumessh Menon Associates, stated, "When it comes to residential space, the public has recovered following Covid and is willing to spend on luxury. The spotlight has switched to luxury Indian companies, and demand for high-quality, one-of-a-kind products has risen."

Ram Raheja, Chairman and CEO of Raheja Realty, stated, "Many customers today anticipate that they will live very different lives in the near future. Consumer behaviour in the post-pandemic era has shifted dramatically in terms of design, amenities, additional rooms, and general lifestyle. The epidemic caused by COVID-19 has altered and impacted sectors worldwide."

According to Nandini Somaya Sampat, Director of Somaya & Kalappa Consultants (SNK), "As architects and designers, we must now reimagine the future of spaces and places, while also examining how we can better serve the needs of communities as a result of the changing nature of how we work and live in this new normal. It is critical to ensure that facilities are designed or changed to incorporate universal safety requirements. Our focus has shifted to leveraging technology and creating holistic surroundings for individuals, something that was lost during the pandemic."