Goa-inspired RTD mocktails and mixers J.A.B Rocktails launched

Goa-inspired RTD mocktails and mixers J.A.B Rocktails launched

Goaah Ventures LLP recently announced the debut of its main non-alcoholic beverage brand, J.A.B Rocktails, which will soon be available in key retail locations throughout Goa. J.A.B (an acronym for Just Add Buzz) Rocktails will be available in four traditional flavours: Cuba Libre, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, and Blue Lagoon. These freshly released mocktails and mixers are ideal for consumption at home, on the go, or at gatherings and parties.

“With our selection of fun and informal, fuss-free beverages, we want to take Goa to the world,” said Varun Krishna, co-founder of Goaah Ventures LLP. “What differentiates J.A.B. Rocktails from other beverages on the market is its distinct flavour profile, which is derived from premium ingredients acquired from throughout the globe.” These mocktails and mixers, which are vitamin C-enhanced, can be taken on their own or combined with white or dark spirits without any skill or preparation. Each 350 ml bottle makes 2-3 mocktails (or cocktails), making it a versatile and value-for-money proposition.

Non-alcoholic beverages have witnessed a recent surge in popularity in India. The market category is predicted to reach US $12 billion in 2021 in India and to increase at a 7.44% annual rate (CAGR 2021-2026, statistica.com), making it one of the world's fastest-growing markets. According to Goldstein Market Intelligence, the market will reach US $20.4 billion by 2030.

“There is huge opportunity in the non-alcoholic beverage industry as a result of changing consumer tastes and the recent trend of beverage consumption at home as a result of COVID-19 restrictions,” Krishna explained. “Consumers are increasingly seeking novel beverage options with delectable flavours to experiment with as mixers for alcoholic beverages or as non-alcoholic thirst quenchers at home. As customers become tired of typical carbonated beverages and packaged fruit juices, the area is ripe for innovation, which is where J.A.B Rocktails come in to shake things up.”

J.A.B Rocktails will first be sold in select retailers around Goa, and the business plans to quickly grow across the country via distribution partners and internet platforms, including a direct-to-consumer approach via their e-commerce website www.jab.rocks. “We are noticing an increasing trend of consumers ordering groceries and beverages online and through hyper-local delivery platforms, which will be one of our primary emphasis areas as we expand our presence and brand awareness,” co-founder Sameer Seth explained.